Fan Appreciation Day

I couldn’t decern anything different at the game today.What was different for fan appreciation?On the field it was the same old awful football.

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. They kept talking of giveaways, there were none out of the ordinary. Except for the Appleton's Rum one, in which after like a four way tie, they just randomly announced the winner.

Other than throwing more of those little footballs, and shooting more t-shirts from the bazooka, I didnt see any extra fan stuff. Last year's fan appreciation day had constant prize announcements throughout the game.

you would think that they would have some extra prizes this year considering the year they had but i guess i was wrong. i guess when you have 25,000 fans coming to watch a losing team they dont have to do anything to keep the fans happy. this is the first time in 34 years of going to games that they didnt have any ticket (seat) draws :thdn:

The big give-away i was lookign forward to was the $500 shopping spree from Marks, but never heard any mention. Was there just 2 lucky flyers with a $500 gift card on rather than a $10 off, or did soemone drop the ball and “forget” to award these?

Was that the limbo bar thing? That contest actually continued on the sideline down by the family section. So the winner won legitimately.

Yea they moved the limbo contest down the sidelines cause the game had to start. I only really noticed maybe more t shirts. I had a solid shot at one but only got a finger on it. The one guy shot one onto the roof of Ivor Wynne.

I think there was a huge difference. By about the second quarter I realized I had been having conversations about the plays after they happened. And this continued throughout the whole game.


Because they showed restraint on the music clips!!! No more blaring music after 100% of the plays. Today I would hazard to guess it was more like 25%.

They finally heard us! (And by extension, we got to hear the other fans around us.)

Now if only we could convince them to show replays of every play - not just the ones that went our way.

Very disappointing, What give aways other than the norm. I don't know if some of you guys out there remember oh, a few years ago, The Panasonic Fan Appreciation Day, They gave away TV's, Stereo's, Cassette players ( Boom Boxes) etc. That day was a blast, with all that advertising on the field this year ya think they would have all kicked in someting for a day like this, especially after a season like this.

It was Fan Appreciation Day? Really??? How could anyone tell? I must say though, a T-shirt hit, shot out of one of those cannons, hit me in the foot. It's the first time we ever got one! It's got a McDonald's ad on it... odd thing for a vegetarian to wear. Honestly though... has THAT got anything to do with appreciating fans?

it would be nice though if the guys in the booth get the replays right

Just to answer the questions regarding the prizes on Fan Appreciation day. We marked over 100 I'm Loving It Line up cards with prize numbers to be claimed at the Fan Service booth. Prizes included: Labatt coolers, Gift Certificates from Boston Pizza, Tony Roma's, Philthy's, Hooters, Sirius Satellite Radios, Cogeco Digital Cable Boxes, Woodbine Entertainment Packages, WestJet flights, Autographed footballs, Pure NV Spa packages, Free cellphones and minutes from Primus, ect.

We had some very good limbo'ers and because of the time constrains during the TV time out we could not complete the contest at that time. The contest did continue on the sideline in front of Box E and F and a winner announced.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Kevin Walsh


905.547.2287 ext. 251

I did read the "tiny" notice inside the cover of the game day program although i'll bet 99.9 % of the fans didn't.
(most people i know watch the game when at the game, and read the program at home)

  1. why were there no announcement regarding the "format" you were following to determine the winners? guess is that there would have been a stampede back into the concourse to pick through programs

  2. what % of the prizes were claimed?
    .....hopefully those that weren't will be given to charity.

Sunday's fan appreciation day seemed to be an "extention" of Saturday's.

While we are sort of "on topic"
Were all of the 50/50 prizes claimed this year?


Thank you for your response. It is important that we receive fan input regarding our game day presentation and look to improve our communication with the fans regarding the giveaways. I believe the percentage of claimed prizes was close to 90%. Any prizes that are not claimed we either hold onto for charity auctions or give to local events or charitable causes.

My DH and I were lucky enough to BOTH get a program with a numbered sticker in it, so we both won a prize. It worked the EXACT same way that the fan appreciation prizes worked last season, so we didn't find it too hard to figure out.

as a fan I appreciated Maas sitting
better gift than a poster

In my opinion its a poor way of handing out prizes.Some fans didn't even get a lineup booklet and I think some didn't even look at it.I'd rather see it done the way it was acouple yrs ago,seat draws.I'd rather see my seat number come up than look thru a stupid booklet.Makes it more exciting.


Some fans didn't even get a lineup booklet and I think some didn't even look at it.
That is very possible. The difficulty surrounding the announcement of over 100 prizes is time. We don't have a lot of it. Plus, having it in the program better ensures that the prize will be claimed. Close to 90% of the prizes were claimed. Usually, prize announcements on the video board or PA are missed. We will take your suggestion as well many others and see if there is a better process for give-a-ways.

I had no idea that there was a contest involved. Maybe a few minutes during the game they can announce it. I'm still waiting for my call to tell me when I can pick up my traditions prize. I hope to find out soon when I can pick it up. I just found out that there was a contest today and I guess I was lucky that I didn't win or I would have been pissed.

Just to echo a question asked earlier in this thread but not responded to, was the 50/50 claimed?
The same number was ran twice on the tigervision and the second time there was very little time left in the game. I could be wrong but I was always under the impression that if wasn't claimed a second number was drawn.