Fan ages remembering the good old days

Being new here, I was just curious about Rider fan Ages. I remember watching the RIders as a Kid during the Good Old days.... Lancaster, Reed, Bobby Thompson, Silas McKennie, Nolan Baily, Clyde Brock, Ed Mcquarters & Bill Baker to name a few. As a Kid in school we use to get several Riders as substitute teachers.. Ralph Galloway, Steve Masurak and Al Ford was our Gym teacher, I always thought that was really cool :slight_smile:
Although BIg AL (Ford) Kiddies Pal, really thought alot of himself. lol

Oh btw I am 46 :

I'm 33. My first game at Taylor Field was in 1979 against the Alouettes. We lost but I was just so happy to be there. Also I was with my brother who was in a wheelchair so I got to be in the section right in front of the cheerleaders!!!! Is it normal to like cheerleaders when you are 7 years old? Anyways I wish I could have witnessed the Lancaster/Reed era.

We have an old rain poncho that Ed McQuarters used back in tha day. It is HUGE !!