Fan 960

I'm envious of you all. I listen to different Sports Radio networks online and Fan 960 is one of, if not the best in Canada.
Richards and Kerr aren't as pompous as some of the "other" personalities on other stations. Their regular guests are top notch.

Agreed. Can't wait to find them on the dial as soon as I land whenever in Calgary. The people their are truly spoiled by some great sports radio. The vignettes are the best!!!! (The Jim Rome ones, and especially the one with Jeffery Buttle a few years ago that even TSN's Chris Cuthbert had to comment on still make me laugh years later.... :rockin:

To be perfectly blunt, Kerr and especially Richards really have no business on local radio but rather should have their own nationally or internationally syndicated show.

...I agree, my drive-in to work is brightened daily by Richards and his crazy antics, he makes FM radio personalities look tame in comparison...laugh out loud capability in rush hour, not too many hosts can make you do that...the other hosts are very knowledgeable and as much as they love their home teams they are very unbiased in their opinions and reports...this is a truly excellent sports radio station, lucky to have it...

too much hockey in the afternoon though. the chevy and nasty show is prolly my favorite.

The football coverage has been amazing lately! Same on qr77 at night. Great interviews on both stations. Chevy and nasty show is good. Nik Lewis took over for am hour renoylda yesterday. Good stuff. Check it out that the 960 website

It's better than the fan 590,from Tor. Which we get on cable in Winnipeg ! The new morning guy is anti CFL and pumps up the NFL at nausium ! It's embarrassing !

You guys should write some emails to the station about that crap. Kind of annoying... Brunt... He has trashed cfl forever. Now with the league getting popular he is mr. Ti-cats. Gag me. And he was on the radio talking about how they should keep the current stadium. Talk about scared to move forwerd. And now scott Taylor is mr. Cfl as well