Fan 590 Revelations on Williams Today

  1. His NFL suspension is 'indefinite' and not just for one year. A Miami analyst who they spoke to today suggested that the NFL 'powers-that-be' may not be too terribly happy with this signing and that they may still want him to serve a suspension from football entirely before he returns.

  2. The 'Cats actually tried to scuttle the Argo signing by fighting against the dropping of the waiver clause.


Oh, Ricky, you're so fine,
You're so fine you blow my mind.

Hey, Ricky!
Hey, Ricky!

OK enough is enough. Who gives a rats @#$. Mods lets start deleteing new Ricky threads, and lock the old ones.
I could care less about were he plays or doesn`t. It just gets relly bad to come on here every day and see new Ricky threads that just reiterate the same old same old enough is enough. It does nothing for this site or the game. TCMIK


Mark brought up some brand new info that’s worth discussing.

If the thread does not interest you, then do what I do. Ignore it and let those that are interested enjoy this forum.

Quit barking out orders and go start your own thread on what ever it is you want to talk about. Right now news on the CFL is slow with only Ricky to talk about, and it only happens to be the biggest media ‘story’ the league has ever had, so relax. Eventually people will grow tired of this, until we play the Argo’s, which will only be five weeks in a row.