FAN 590: Als Cut Robert Edwards & Argos Sign Him &

Robert Edwards cut by Als, signed by the Blue Team and also cut Jamal White and Jermaine Mays.

8) Yep, just heard that news myself on 680 News !!! They said the Argos grabbed Edwards with 2 hrs. of him being released by the Al's !!!! Look out for those Argos now !!!!! :wink:

The Argo’s and Avery seem to be butting heads. I can see him being let go… but who would pick him up? Is there a team that needs a running back?

smart pickup by the argos, now they can cut one of hte 25 QBs they have on their roster, i wonder if they have any jersey numbers lower than 50 for edwards.

They should cut avery and white.

not that i can see, unless a RB gets hurt.