Famous Edmonton QBs

I'm looking to get an Eskimos retro jersey from the 60s. It's my favourite one out of the ones the CFL shop offers. I wanna get "Chief" and a number on the back. My favourite numbers are 2 and 3, so I'd like to use one of those, but at the same time, I want a number that hasn't really been used by an Eskimos QB. Unfortunately, I can't find a list of Edmonton QBs online, so I thought I'd ask here. Does anyone know if any Edmonton QBs have ever worn 2 or 3?

OK, I managed to put together a decent list. Maybe someone with more knowledge can correct any mistake and/or fill in any blanks.

1954: Bernie Faloney (10)
1954-1962: Jackie Parker (12)
1955-1965: Don Getty (27/87)
1965-1968: Randy Kerbow (18?)
1967-1968: Frank Cosentino (11)
1970-1971: Don Trull (9/10)
1971-1979: Bruce Lemmerman (7/10/18)
1972-1981: Tom Wilkonson (12/16/19)
1978-1983: Warren Moon (1)
1983-1987: Matt Dunigan (16)
1985-1988: Damon Allen (9)
1987-1992: Tracy Ham (1/8)
1993-1994: Damon Allen (9)
1993-1994: Rickie Foggie (14?)
1995: Kerwin Bell (12)
1996-1997: Danny McManus (4/14)
1997-1999: Marcus Crandell (8)
1997-1998: Jimmy Kemp (14/15)
1998: David Archer (15/16/18)
1999: Nealon Greene (15/17)
2000-2010: Ricky Ray/Jason Maas (15/12)

So far no Edmonton QBs have worn 2 or 3.

What # did Bruce Lemmerman wear?

Thanks, MadJack. :smiley:

He played for the Eskimos from 1971-1979, and he wore 7, 10, and 18.

Edit: Just added Don Getty from 1955-1965.

Bernie Falony played QB for Edmonton, but only for one season which was in 1954. However, he was not famous in an Eskimo's uniform but was for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He wore jersey #10.

Thanks, Backer. I'll add him to the list.

I found a few more guys. I don't know how famous they are; I'm just trying to round out the list. :lol:

Randy Kerbow
Frank Cosentino
Kerwin Bell
David Archer
Marcus Crandell
Nealon Greene

Cody Ledbetter
Jimmy Kemp
Rickie Foggie - 14 (I believe)

Thanks, cfl! :thup:

So far it doesn't look like any QB has worn #3. I may get lucky. :lol:

Wow their are names I never knew of or didn't realize they played for the Esks . good luck with #3 but on the back you should get "STAMPSSUCK"

Charlie Fulton is another one from the forgettable 60s! Can't remember what number he wore...

I brought up Edmonton Eskimo's alltime roster and didn't see Charlie Fulton on the list.

I had thought of mentioning Randy Kerbow, but your title to the thread included the word "famous" so I didn't bother. . . but as memory serves me (poorly) I seem to recall that he wasn't the starter per se but shared the duties with another QB, whose name totally escapes me. . .

Yeah, after a while I kind of got loose with the word "famous." :lol: I pretty much started a list of every QB who started for Edmonton.

Unfortunately, I couldn't mind much for that Fulton guy. I'll have to dig a little deeper.

Charlie Fulton: In 1965 he played college football (Quarterback) with the Tennessee Volunteers in the 10 team SEC. However, he may have been invited to training camp with the Eskimo's back then. I found this article by typing in football player charlie fulton on google.

Can't go wrong with #2 (Gizmo's #) or #3 (Terry Vaughan's #)

Charles "Charlie" Fulton played with the Esks in 68 and 69 wearing #18. He's on the Esks all time Alumni Honour Roll (http://www.edmontoneskimoalumni.com/news_honor_roll.htm)

here's a list of QBs between Jackie Parker leaving in '62 and Bruce Lemmerman and Larry Lawrence getting here in 1971:

Don Getty
James Earl Wright
Tom Maudlin
Ron Miller
Lynn Amadee
Bill Redell
Jon Anabo
Randy Kerbow
Terry Baker
Frank Cosentino
Charlie Fulton
Corey Colehour
Don Trull
Rusty Clarke
(courtesy of 56Parkies at Esksfans.com http://www.esksfans.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24388 post #13)