Familiar Faces Return: Elks sign Bowman, Arceneaux, Holley

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks have added a few familiar faces to their roster on Wednesday afternoon, signing a trio of big name receivers.

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Old worn out rookie signings who haven’t played in the CFL for a few years. Nothing really new here from Chris Jones! Guess it doesn’t hurt to have some guys on the team who can push the young hires into competition during training camp.


Can Brandon Bridge & Vince Young be far behind?

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As I said, Jones will bring in a slew of players, from anywhere, from under any rock.

Ain’t nuttin’ anybody can do bout it, except watch.
Congratulations, the beginning of the reemergence of the Elks.
If you’re not doing, you’re falling behind.

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Sorry, but unimpressive. Nothing against the Elk but I don’t see a lot of plus here.

Bowman is 47 and dropped more balls when he was in Winnipeg than anyone not named Kamau Incompletersen.

Arceneaux was decent. In his day.

Holley can probably still play but plenty of baggage.

I bet Milt just took his cleats out of the closet.

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Matt Elam was probably the worst first round pick the Ravens have ever made. There were numerous defensive backfield breakdowns while he was in the lineup.

He was ok in the CFL a couple of years ago, though.

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Hey Chris, when we said return the Elk to their former glory, we didn't mean it to be taken so literally.

Seriously, what's going on there?

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In Chris Jones we trust , just let him bring in a boatload players and only the strong make it

If Bowman is 47 you must be 200

As if all 3 of these guys will make the team. Training camp stuff. Also evidence that Jones has zero plans to stick to the 90 body limit for camp.

212 actually.

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Now that's funny, who's next Nick Lewis? Can Vince Young be far behind? Bet Elk fans are thrilled with this. And, there is no such word as Elks!

I presume that Chris Jones won't try to re-sign A WR's Greg Ellingston and Darell Walker.

Chris Jones is reducing salaries/ creating a good "cushion" in order to sign defensive players becoming free agents. He could try to sign-if available- DE Ja’Gared Davis of Hamilton.


Groundhog Day came a week early. I would think he’s still trying to sign Ellingson &/or Walker unless he’s looking for bigger fish in free agency.

Jones is bringing in these guys, I think in particular, to up the competition for jobs amongst a newer crop of younger receivers. A good move and if they prove to be the best they have, well, keep them. Nothing to loose.

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I’m guessing Brian Kelly and Jim Germany are next.


I don't why you're all bitching about, thoses guys might become coaches, because they are signed doesn't mean they will be on the final rooster

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I agree with you. I’m not sure how much game any of them still have in themselves and am sceptical too, but why not find out? It’s only training camp. Usually you know rather quickly if there is more to be seen after a week or so.

And then if cut, it’s not like they need to just disappear forever given their successful experience.

I think many fans forget just how hard it is to stick as a professional athlete for more than two seasons as hard as it is to even make a team.

Almost any guy who has made it that far in pro football has a whole lot in the tank beyond the gridiron (so long he has not fallen off any given cliff in life, but that’s a different thread).

Ah yes, finally a voice of reason Paolo-X - - it’s the beginning of the off-season – and we really do NOT know what Chris Jones has planned. Many of the arm-chair GM’s on this website pronounce ‘doom and gloom’ with regards to a team that is clearly in rebuilding mode. Unless we are actually attending the meetings with Chris Jones and his staff – how can we possibly know what he will do to upgrade the roster. Free agency and the draft will reveal their intended direction more clearly.

One thing is evident – this roster will be vastly different! They just released 10 more players from the team.

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Totally agree. It’s a no lose proposition. These are guys he’s familiar with & can show the younger guys the “Jones” way. At worst they serve as extra coaches in essence. The only surprise on the release of these 10 players today is O’Neill. Mincy only played 9 games & was replaced by rookie Lyon who was terrific. Of the 1st big cuts earlier I believe only Tuck was snapped up.

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