Falsified Attendance numbers in Montreal?

Innocent until proven guilty but the allegations had to come from somewhere. Clearly the Als benefited from being able to claim a long streak of sellouts. I hope this isn't true....


BS non-story containing nothing but unnamed sources. Haters trying to bring down the Als, nothing more.

You'll find that most sources in sports journalism are unnamed. But I agree, there's nothing substantial here. Just people talking.

If I was the Alouettes management. I would be a lot more concerned that employees are spreading these kind of stories in the press than what is actually being said.

12 million bucks in gate receipts is pretty damn good...

I really don't understand.

Obviously, they were able to sell 22000 tickets to this game.

Why exactly does being able to sell 22000 tickets indicate they had to lie to reach 20000 before?

12 million in gate is pretty huge. thats equivilant(ish) to almost 40,000 people per game in calgary. thats pretty awesome.


Agree, not much of a story. Why don't the big "major league" Blue Jays routinely if hardly ever at all anymore, sellout.games agains't perhaps the biggest named sports team ever, the New York Yankees?

Miguel Bujold who I think is one of the most connected reporters to the Als describes in his article that some of the games were not “quite” sellouts but because of the bench seating by making sure there were no huge holes in any sections the crowd expanded a bit instead of being seated bunched up.

[url=http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/football/201107/06/01-4415423-alouettes-finie-lillusion-des-salles-combles.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_vous_suggere_4415417_article_POS1]http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/footba ... ticle_POS1[/url]

So at worst what we have here is a bit of hype to create demand. But it obviously happened IMO based on Miguel’s account.

With the exception of this past game, which upon reflection seems more of a scheduling mistake by the CFL, to me Montreal always looked sold out. I never realized the severity of moving day in Quebec, and the CFL scheduling a game on that day was a huge mistake.

Oh yeah what we are talking about is a few hundred singles scattered around at most... Smith also says he would have never accepted a home game on that weekend and if you look at it with a team like Toronto playing 3 straight roadies which they haven't been able to explain clearly and Saskatchewan starting with consecutive home games alwasy a sure sellout it certainly appears like Nicholson was not interested in that either.

Not too impressed with whoever the employees are that needed to make a story out of this. I think everyone understands that the Als are under new management on the business side so blaming the past management to defend their position is vey lame.

I thought they had clearly explained why that was happening - Rogers Centre sucks and likes screwing the Argos which makes it more difficult for the CFL to make a schedule.

Well the "BJ's" played a home series friday,sat, sunday but this weekend are playing out in Indiana but the Argos are still playing on the road...

Pretty sure, but not 100%, that there is a concert at the Dome this weekend. I think it's U2.

if the argos won all the games before returning home, perhaps it could cause a ripple effect and they pack the dome... anyone? anyone? i didnt think so. lol

Yep. See: http://events.rogerscentre.com/ (click on "Calendar" in menu if it doesn't display).

I get a kick out of these fans ("experts") that think they know better than the league planners. Do these "experts" really think that the League wanted to have 5 road games in a row and wanted to mess with the Labour Day Classic games and wanted to have all these other evils that beset them? Cumon, man - they have to work within many, many parameters and do the best they can with an imperfect situation where not everything (or maybe more accurately, very few things) are within their control.

are the argos even flying home during this? or just staying on the road? staying on the road could be a good team thing.

I know they went straight from Calgary to Weineepeg, not sure if they keep trecking after that. Must be costing Brailey a pretty peny... Incredible owner...

U2 is there on Monday and IIRC when they were in Winnipeg it took at least 4 days to put the stage together.