False hope for Canadian QB's entering Draft

You can argue it all you want with me, fine.

but if these guys honestly think that they’re going to get drafted in this year’s CFL Amateur draft… they must have someone blowing smoke up their … really good.

when there’s only been 1 Canadian QB to even play in a regular season game in the past dozen or so years… there’s no way that 2 more are going to just make it!

Brannigan did great for his 1 year of services for the Argos but now at the same time this has given these other guys unrealistic expectations for making it to the CFL.

The odds of making it are very very slim!

I am going to make a prediction right now.

Don’t get me wrong! as much as I’d love to see them get drafted and be part of a CFL training camp… I do not see it happening.
NEITHER of them are going to get drafted and don’t expect to see them on any CFL roster this Training camp.

I’m not going to argue that’s for sure. No one wants Canadian qbs more then myself. But until a
rule change makes it more appitizing to have a Canadian qb on the roster, a draft
possibility it fairly slim. iirc Bertrand was drafted, but never used as a qb. Now, that being said… I could see one of them
being signed as a free agent after the draft. Then teams don’t risk a pic. Also, they both have a
year of elegiblity left at the university level. So we could see them return as free agents next year. I’m pretty sure
brannigan was a fifth year, so he couldn’t be drafted. But I’m not certain on that. With the large public outcry for Canadian qbs, I could see tillman(for example) signing one as a pr move. But that’s highly unlikely. As much as I want to dissagree with cflisthebest, I think his comment is a hurtful truth.

I’ll take you up on that, I bet Sinopoli is in Camp with the Ti-Cats this June.

Why do you think Hamilton? Do they need another qb?

Sinopoli did an internship, if that's the right word, with the TiCats last year, so they might be interested in building on that relationship.

I don't think so... not with Sinopoli...

There's a different vibe out there with this guy...

Argos first round pick.


No offense, but I think I'll take Duane Forde's opinion over yours. If the guy has the ability to play, then he'll be drafted. CIS programs are getting better and better, so I would expect to see more talent being developed at the amateur levels. And Brannagan signing with Toronto has nothing to do with Sinopoli being drafted this year. To say that there's no way that two would make it doesn't make a lot of sense. That's like rolling a die, landing on four, and saying that there's no way it'll land on four again; the odds are still the same.

So, my prediction is that Sinopoli will be drafted, but he'll go back to school in the fall.

That was a great read. I hope he is correct. When I read his interview on the cfl.ca, he spoke highly of the Canadian game and such. like I said earlier, I really hope he gets a chance. I just wish the qb counted to the ratio.

Drafted? Perhaps not but that doesn't mean they can't sign as free-agents OR if they are the best athletes in the later rounds teams tend to go for that over someone that may be surprise rather than a marginal positional player.

There could possibly be two Canadian QB,s starting in Ontario by 2012, maybe even a Canadian QB starting in the 100th G.C.- about friggen time lol

hahaha.. nice piece of comedy, cool.

never gonna happen. Argos will not waste a draft pick on a QB.

let's be realistic man.

no way in 2 years will that happen.. let's not allow our hopeful bias get in the way of reality.

the only way a Canadian QB will be starting in a Grey Cup game is if he is as good as , if not better than a guy like Burris, Durant, Ray, Glenn.. to name a few.

if they aren't? forget it!!!!!

The Als drafted Bouillette last year but, not as a QB. Sinopli seems also have the skill needed for a gereric athlete. He is bigger than other CIS QBs and has better running skil than Brannigan. WE are QB poor in the CFL at this moment and, Sinopli would be a creative challenge for a couple of teams. He is big, has a good arm can run well and, will be drafted this year.

Your attitude sucks___ MAN lmao

no I'm realistic. you will need a superstar Canadian QB to come here, who has played in the US College system in order for one to really have a shot.


As Duane Ford states in the article, we may just see some Canadian QB's drafted in the next few years, coming from NCAA schools.

well that'll be a start!

So cflisbest…you are saying no Canadian QB will be drafted this year.

I’ll take you up on this.

I’m saying that there will be a Canadian who played QB last year in a starting role will be drafted. You are saying no in the most definite manner. In fact you feel anyone who believes this is not knowlegeable at best.

I’ve read that you feel you should be in line for a CFL job sometime in the near future so you deserve to be confident in your predictions.

The loser of the bet cannot post until August 1st?
Are you on?

Well done Flag !! Hope he has the courage of his convictions to take you up on this. And you are correct, he was pretty definite about it, wasn't he?: