'54 Grey Cup. Just an average play.

You can watch the entire game here.

why and what's the point?

"what's the point?" of posting, you know, clips of CFL GAMES on the CFL website, with links to the ENTIRE GAME?

I just don't know what the point of doing that would be.

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That two way game back then sure had players who were FOOTBALL players.
People should wiki Rollie. He was an all star as both an running back and a linebacker...I think in the same year even. I believe he broke the color barrier in Edmonton as well.

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Yeah, why would anybody on a football forum be interested in, you know, football, when we could be ranting on team names, infection prevention protocols, US cultural practices, and government funding decisions?:smirk:


Still don't see the point here ..... get over it.
Like Russ Jackson running around ...... pls don't hit me...hahahahahaha

Reasons I posted this:

  1. It's CFL football (technically the WIFU vs. the IRFU since the CFL didn't come into being until 1958).
  2. This is the CFL website.
  3. It's a clip from a classic Grey Cup game.
  4. I was was watching the game and this play impressed me because the ball was touched by FOUR great players, namely Roger Nelson (C), Bernie Faloney (QB), Rollie Miles (RB), and Jackie Parker (R), all of whom are Hall of Famers.
  5. I was foolin' around with captures and this was the clip I used.
  6. That game, the 1954 Grey Cup, was the first EVER broadcast of a professional gridiron football game, and for that reason it is an important historical document.

Do I need more reasons?

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You don't see the point in posting football clips on a football site? What's the point of your participation?

Who are three people who've never been in my kitchen

Hahaha...great EVM

After watching that video I think TSN should show one of these gems in each of their broadcast games

Again what's the point ?
This has been vintage CFL footage ....... boring?

Very well said and done!! I personally met and talked to, Roger Nelson, Jackie Parker, Rollie Miles, Johnny Bright! All good men!!!!

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You mention players playing both ways in those days. Funny because the last time I remember a player for the Lions playing both ways was Bill Munsey in the 64 Grey Cup game. When on defence he scored a touchdown after Bernie Faloney fumbled the ball.

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I think he had a career game at the absolute best time to have one.

Pretty sure that would have been an incomplete pass in today's game.

It's apparently interesting enough for you to comment multiple times.

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Thanks for the clip. Not quite as I remembered it. It was a backward pass so a live ball. I wonder if they blamed /credited Faloney on the play. Munsey has always been my Lions biggest single game hero ever since.

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Yeah, you're right that it was a lateral. I'm not sure why Faloney would have been blamed since it was Counts that dropped the easy pass that was right in his mitts.
It would be hard to think of a better hero than Munsey. Not including special teams, I wonder if he was the last guy to score on both sides of the ball, let alone in a Grey Cup game. It's a feat that may never be repeated.

My man finally getting some recognition. I feel like I've been the only one for the last 50 years or so. A big smile on my face right now.