We have 2 first round picks, with thanks to Johnny Football


[td]Neville Gallimore[/td]
[td]St. Catharines, ON[/td]
[td]Chase Claypool[/td]
[td]Notre Dame[/td]
[td]Abbotsford, BC[/td]
[td]Nathan Rourke[/td]
[td]Oakville, ON[/td]
[td]Sage Doxtater[/td]
[td]New Mexico State[/td]
[td]Welland, ON[/td]
[td]Patrice Rene[/td]
[td]North Carolina[/td]
[td]Ottawa, ON[/td]
[td]Dejon Brisset[/td]
[td]Mississauga, ON[/td]
[td]Ketel Asse[/td]
[td]Saint-Marc, Haiti[/td]
[td]Adam Auclair[/td]
[td]Quebec, QC[/td]
[td]Mason Bennett[/td]
[td]North Dakota[/td]
[td]Winnipeg, MB[/td]
[td]Daniel Joseph[/td]
[td]Penn State[/td]
[td]Brampton, ON[/td]
[td]Carter O’Donnell[/td]
[td]Red Deer, AB[/td]
[td]J.J. Molson[/td]
[td]Montreal, QC[/td]
[td]Tomas Jack-Kurdyla[/td]
[td]Montreal, QC[/td]
[td]Brendan O’Leary-Orange[/td]
[td]Toronto, ON[/td]
[td]Marc-Antoine Dequoy[/td]
[td]Île-Bizard, QC[/td]
[td]Dylan Giffen[/td]
[td]Strathroy, ON[/td]
[td]Dev Lamour[/td]
[td]Montreal, QC[/td]
[td]Adam Sinagra[/td]
[td]Pointe-Claire, QC[/td]
[td]Tyler Ternowski[/td]
[td]Hamilton, ON[/td]
[td]Jesse Lawson[/td]
[td]Vancouver, BC[/td]


Plus our own for a total of three? Or is it one and one for two in total?

It is a total of 2 in 2020

We own MTL’s 1st round picks in 2020 AND 2021 for Johnny :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

Neville Gallimore could probably 1technique and the 3 technique, but he will probably get a NFL shot.

Rourke is tearing up the MAC conference, hopefully he is there with one of the picks.

It would be nice to add depth a CB with Rene, but the ACL injury could make him drop in the draft.

Some good OL and WRs, plus two NCAA defensive ends.

I prefer when the team selects players with local roots and there are 5 of the top 10 which is awesome.

I used to watch Friday night High School football on our local cable channel and Nathan Rourke was spectacular. Awesome jorney that has him where he is today.
Wish CFL would change the Import rule for the QBs. Would make starting a National QB a real advantage.

Since we’ll be drafting in the 9th position, Rourke might still be available at QB . We might have to use the Als’ 6th position in the first round to grab him . :slight_smile:
Yes , I’m making a couple of suppositions there but that is the beauty of having 2 picks in the first round.

The good news is that Johnny Football is the gift that keeps on giving . The bad news is that we’ll be picking last in each round next year . :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian talent fan )

Pat, I love the confidence. Hope you are right. Got to strike while the iron is hot.

Irons is not hot, he is on the on the IR ???

Even with the new CBA change, regarding the status of a starting NAT QB, I’d be very surprised to see an OUA QB selected in the first round.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: My mistake, in making the above comment, was misreading CrazyCanuck1988’s mention of Rourke and “MAC” in his post above. Unfamiliar, with Rourke, I made the quick-read error of thinking he was playing at McMaster. :-[

Rourke isn’t OUA though.
So there was a change to allow a National QB to be classified as a National?

I added to my post, above, after realizing my error, at the same time you were posting your correction on what I’d said.

Yes. Under the new CBA, a starting NAT QB will count as one of the 7 required NAT starters.

He will return tempered and ready to forge onward. ;D

Sadly, IMO, there is still no long term advantage to starting a National at QB, unless you have another National as back-up, or one able to sub in another spot in the event your back-up QB is an American. Granted, this is not an insurmountable problem, but it does mean a double swap whenever the National starter comes out.

Even for short yardage, you’d need to do a double swap.

There is no need for a swap if we start 8 or more Canadians. I believe we have 8 starters against the Stamps on Saturday .

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian guy )

Good answer! Presupposing that we can always start 8 or more Canucks. :slight_smile: