Falcons should sign Culpepper

Now that it is unlikely that Michael Vick will play football this year, and perhaps never again, why are the Falcons not interested in free agent QB Daunte Culpepper?

The Falcons need to sign a QB to replace Vick on the roster for training camp anyhow.

NFL.com has suggested Kelly Holcomb, however I think Culpepper is a better player and a better fit on the team.

Culpepper has stated he only wants a one year deal, so if Vick is allowed to play football next year competition from Culpepper would not be an issue (assuming the Falcons are not moderately successful)

Who said he will not play this year?
Is that official?
Maybe they should sign Jake Plummer.

Make a move for Chad Pennington. Then Jets could take Culpepper. If the Jets don't dump Pennington now it will be too late.

Clevland should also try for Culpepper. But that might not end well anyways.

Dallas could use a QB as well; I think. Although Head Coach Terrell Owens would have to approve it first.

Sign Doug Flutie! :wink: :wink:

Did I say it was official that Vick would not play this year?

No I did not, I said it was unlikely he would play this year.

Also Jake Plummer belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and has not reported to camp and appears to be set to retire.

Also why would the Jets release Chad Pennington? And what will be too late? He had the comeback season of the year last year and put the Jets into a playoff spot where Culppeper was benched after four games for inconsistency. No team in the league would take Culpepper over Pennington.

And people need to stop questioning Tony Romo as the starter just because he blew his first playoff game. He is still young and should be the starter for many years to come.

Also you stated all this like fact like you actually thought you knew what you were talking about.

Please try not to be so stupid in the future.

However all this is pretty much irrelevant considering the Raiders are close to reaching a deal with Culppeper something I think is a pretty good move.

Holy Sheet!!! You get defensive!!! Are you serious?

ATTENTION MODS!!!! He personally attacked me.

I really don't care that you called me stupid but I got one of my posts pulled for "directing" my thoughts "at" somebody.

Anyways. . .

I did not tell you, that you told us it was fact, I asked you. Then you got all PMS about the situation. I thought you may have been breaking the news sorry to cause you all this stress dude.

I just think Pennington's career is close to done, or at least his best days. You wait and see.

As for Jake Plummer I was actually joking about that one. ( Although I can see now that it was not very funny )

As for Dallas. . . I just wanted to throw in the Terrell Owens Thing. I haven't heard anything about Romo recently so I decided to bring up the Cowboys.

As for stating this like fact . . . Tell me how anybody in the world could state suggestions as fact.

A suggestion is not fact. Nor is it ever made to sound like fact.

Try to take a breath next time and enjoy the football talk dude.

Think you could get a little more sexist?

Men are pigs!!!!

Yep, that's pretty sexist.....lol

Well the Raiders did just sign Culpepper so all this is officially irrelevant now.

However for the sake of argument I just wanted to state a few things.

For instance your questions about Vick seemed smug and implementive. Whereas they were totally unneccesary considering I said “it looks” like Vick will not play this season.

Also your comment about Plummer had no humour in it and seemed like it was a serious suggestion.

I’m not going to touch on the Pennington stuff because that is just opinion versus opinion (however I believe mine is more educated and would garner more agreements then yours) aswell as the Cleveland thing, which I did somewhat agree with.

Heres where the fact stating comes into play. You said “Dallas could use a QB” although it was followed up by a moronic “I think”. As for the Owens joke ha ha most intellegent part of the post.

Maybe next time you will think harder before making a post and post something that football fans will find respectable.

How old are you? Hopefully high school or younger.

Oh man. You are telling me I am in high school. Geez. If you ever want a battle of wits you let me know pal.

Believe me when I say you are completely overreacting. I will post no further comments on this topic.

Thank you for sharing your confrontive opinion with the world.

Well I guess that means you knew your post was dumb and that mine definitely proved your points to be uneducated and invalid...And as for this "battle of the wits" I think you proved your football knowledge to be highly misinformed already and should not embarass yourself any further.

Ahhhh Lukethompson, my friend. Let us bring up the "Pennington stuff" now that we have had some time to soak it all in.

Pennington has one very important start, coming up on Sunday Oct. 28th. If he does not play well, speculation is that he will not start the game after. The coach has already benched him for poor performance. I felt that he should have been traded before the season, instead of leading a team that isn't going to succeed.

Sure I know, the whole team hasn't been necessarily carrying their weight but that does include Pennington.

Please, this time try to reply without calling me names: eg. dumb, embarassing, highly misinformed, uneducated, invalid, smug, implementive, unneccessary . . . oh yeah and my favourite one, "How old are you? Hopefully highschool or younger". If I missed any, it's okay, I don't need to be reminded.

Seriously though, do you think Pennington is as good as he once was?

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, Yes, the Falcons should have signed Culpepper.