Faking injuries

In the Riders-Esks game the Eskimos had 10 players go down with 'injuries' in the first half alone. None of these players, from what I saw, came out of the game and some jogged back to the sideline afterwards. Other teams do this too, including Saskatchewan, but not to the extent Edmonton did. The first half probably took 20 minutes longer because of this and interupted the flow of the game.

Now can delay of game be called or fines be dished out for this? I know it is hard to tell if a player is faking but I have never seen that many injuries in agame before let alone a half a game.

On the other hand Morgan played hurt most of the fourth quarter. Constantly bent over between plays but never letting the trainers come out. That man has some heart and played quite the game.

There is no maximum number of injuries rule. And I think you answered your own question... It can't be established whether the player is faking or not.

So then I must ask. What's the point of this thread?

We in Ottawa hear ya roughy. They did the same thing to the Gades here. It's embarassingly bush League and unbecoming of a City labelled The City of Champions. :?

Because it's sad to see so many players go down from phantom injuries. I was wondering if we were playing the France soccer team for a bit.

They did the same thing against BC at BC Place in August.

I think a couple of them were legitimate, Like JEanty and Scott at the start. They are actually good players, and very needed, and they were out for a series or 2.
But I remember one guy was lying down on the 25 yard line after the Eskimos kicked a convert. Now I ask you how does some one get hurt at that position on the field after a convert. I never actually saw him go down, but It must have happened when they were walking back to the bench after the convert.
It did get a little stupid. I know the Riders do this often on special teams after a kickoff, to give the defensive players that just covered the kick a breather. I don't really condone this, but The Esks took it to a whole new level on Sunday. It was the first time that I have seen an injured person booed off the field, and it happened because the esks were getting a little out of hand.

When the last guy got injured the trainers took 3 minutes to get out to see him because they were tending to other players. He then got up after they tended to him and jogged to the sidelines. And as Billy said he got booed and he deserved it in my opinion.

There's no way to tell a faker. You can't say for certain that any one of those players wasn't injured. Not until the CFL adapts the tricorders from Star Trek. Until then it's a part of the game.

…there were some questionable injury delays during successful calgary drives in the LDC here in cowtown by the eskimos, to the point where two refs started standing nearby the EE training staff while they tended to the down player, maybe to eavesdrop on the conversation…it is pretty ridiculous really…play like men for crying out loud…

I know there is no way of telling if someone is faking but it seems the Esks are consistently going down. There has been a Rider, Renegade, Lion, and Stamps fan on here already questioning the Eskimo injuries. Like R&W said play like men because yesterday that was absolutely ridiculous. I was wondering what kind of training program the Esks trainers have because they get a lot of exercise running on and off the field to tend to boo-boos.

The Esk's sure have been guilty of laying on the field, for a much needed breather. Sounds like they are using" man down" on a reagular basis lately..The league can't question it, because they just might be a soft bunch of football players, who can't eat the pain....

Alot of times you just get the wind knocked out of you, and it takes a minute to get your lungs working again. It happens.

Did somebody say City of Mushrooms!

just maybe..just maybe the Eskimos need a lil breaky in between the quarters so they can keep up with the big boys :wink: :mrgreen: well i will count how many injuries :wink: they have in the next game :roll:

Mmmhmm.. they were terrible for that in the labour day rematch too. But you know, you don't get 33 consecutive playoff years by accident.. or do you?

It was absolutly rediculous being at the game and watching all the players go down. Not only that it was how long they were down for, and then they would get up and jog off the field. You better believe that I was booing. You could have went and got a hotdog waiting for some of the players to get off the field. Some of them I think were real because they had two starting d linemen out at the same time, and Jeanty is a great player, and he stayed out longer than three plays. I know that he is a great special teams player, but why would you risk hurting him on special teams. Anyway Ottawa fans have nothing to complain about, because they were the exact same when they came to Taylor Field.

Just maybe those coaches for the schmoes are a bit slow in calling plays and need extra time.

A lot of teams tend to do that when they have to play at Taylor Field. When the Riders have momentum, they are tough to stop most of the time. With the crowd in Regina as agressive as they are, the opposing teams want to shut the crowd up to slow the momentum of the Riders. Ottawa did that when they played there earlier in the season. After every play there was a gade laying on the field. Or they just have crappy conditioning coaches.

I don't think it has much to do with Taylor Field per se, but you do have a point it does kind of take the crowd out of it.

The Esks definately did it whenever they got tired playing against the Lions too . No , you can't say if someone is faking an injury , but after awhile you can see a pattern . And it's pretty sad to see .