faking injuries poll

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Do you believe faking injuries happens and is it disrespectful to the game.

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They don't happen, and if they do, why? makes no sense to me. :expressionless:

To give the players a breather and to slow momentum. That's if you believe it happens.

Sorry, I don't.

[url=http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y259/Kanga-Kucha/untitled.jpg]http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y259/K ... titled.jpg[/url]

Why post pics that have absolutely no meaning to the subject?

I agree, at least with rw2k5, he posts mini-pics that have SOME semblance to the current thread. All KK posts is irreverent Anime pics that kill the site’s bandwith. Then again, some may argue that the majority of KK’s posts are irreverent to begin with, so its probably no surprise there. :roll:

Dude, the guy in the pic is frowning!, that is how it relates to the topic. One doesn't agree, one frowns like the guy in the pic.

But if you don't like it, Fine, there, I made it into a url, hows that garb ya?


I don't seem to understand any of the posts this Kanga character makes.

Dude, you would prefer to have BC place look like a fucking NASCAR car, covered with bloody ads everywhere. If you can't understand me, that is no lose.

Again, I don’t understand what you just said. Anyone want to help translate for me?


Honestly. did they teach english where you went to school?

Yeah, but I adoupted Bad English.

Look, I'm dsylesic or what ever you call it, m'k, it's very hard for me to type without a checker.

I think you mean irrelevant as opposed to irreverent or funny which they are if KK wants it or not, they're all funny!

Back to topic.....

Its too bad some teams use this tactic. Unfortunately, its pretty near impossible to prove.

KK, I don't think RedandWhite was referring to your spelling, but to the essence of your messages itself. I must agree that, sometimes, I don't get them either.

For instance, in this topic, when someone pointed out that the pictures you posted were not relevant to the current topic, you replied "would you like BC Place to look like a Nascar car?" It had nothing to do with the pictures, nor with the original topic for that matter. Spelling really wasn't an issue here. But the reply was quite incomprehensible... or too subtle for me anyways.

I said that because he said "I don't understand what KK is saying in any of his posts" so I guessed that he was bring a smart *** so I replied with a smart *** answer. I remember RLR saying that he'd like to have ads on the BC turf, and I really hate ads being on the turf, so I just brought that up again to **** him off.

Well, that's all part of the method to my madness. :smiley:

Note to self, Don't go online in the mornings anymore.

One more time.

sure. but it still was unnecessary. Sometimes A picture means a thousand words (or what ever it is) but when those words don’t say anything but blah blah blah, that picture really isn’t that good is it.