"Fake " punt ?

Just like the commercial ....fake hair ,fake you know whats .

The fake punt wasn't called by the coaches according to coach Lancaster in his post game comments on CHML.

Fake Football journalists,?

There's no way that could have been scripted. LOL

It was another Jerome Erdman special on the highlight reel.

Oski Wee Wee,

Then who called it???

Fake coach.

Fleming made the decision to try that, or someone is lying. I think the former.

Oski Wee Wee,

I missed the coach's interview after the game.. what shape/mood was he in?


Flemming thought he was going to be blocked so he improvised.

My thoughts too. The way the intended receiver was running, it appeared for sure he was in coverage contain mode.

He was realistic.
"I don't blame the fans for Booooooing ,I guess I didn't prepare the team well enough"

"If the Bombers are that good or did we just make them look good ,then we are a very poor team"...or close

Fleming called that fake when it appeared his kick might be blocked...again...?

i like the other fake where fleming bobbled the ball twice to fool the defenders. ronnie actually called that one.