Fake Punt in HOF Game!

Did anyone catch the punt fake in the game between the "Oilers" and Bills?

THAT was something to see!!!!

Nick could pull that off with ease. Mighty we see some of that this year? One can hope.

Great play but not in a pre-season game.

Is Don Mathews coaching their special teams now?

i try to avoid the NFL on principle.... let me amend that.... not the NFL but rather Yhe Bills who are not really in the NFL.. but a dream team for Forest Hill and Rosedale wannabees ...

I saw the first half of the game. That Titan punter is the fastest kicker I have ever seen.

I think Nick Setta is the best running kicker.
He was on the Notre Dame Track and Field team which is amazing!

woah woah woah, i think the only fakes we should be doing with Setta are when he passes(which he was great at last season and was Notre Dame's "Emergency Quarterback"),I dont want him running with the ball like that, Tennessee only did it because it wasn't even their regular punter.

Fisher is a moron, why waste this play in the preseason? It's probably the greatest preseason td of all time

It was even better because it was against the bills


Before Nick Setta’s CFL career is over I have a feeling that he’ll be part of some very “special” plays that will be on highlight reels for a long time. I think as time goes on he’ll be using his running, passing, kicking and (you never know) catching skills! I hope he stays for a long time!