Fake Punt as seen on TV

On the fake punt that was ultimately dropped, I thought there should have been a penalty.

Sitting in the stands, a 13th Argo player was still running off the field when the ball was snapped.

I thought MB should have challenged.

Just wondering how it looked on TV and if you could pick up the 13th guy or if the announcers said anything.

i don't think you can challenge that type of call.

I didn't see it on TV and I dont think it was mentioned by the announcers.

i am pretty sure that you can challenge too many men on the field.

MB was talking to the side judge during the commercial time out right after the play.

The 2 plays (the dropped fake) and the big Robertson run right after IMO cost us the game, I don't think the fake was a bad call anyone who as ever played football (linemen included) should've caught that ball, then on the ensuing play Robertson romps 20+ yards to the endzone, it was his only big run of the night, if we convert that fake the momentum doesn't shift and chances are we continue to control the game.

he can talk to him all he wants and you maybe right about too many player but I don't think you can challenge it.
The same as challenging a penalty that you saw but the ref didn't.

Again, always an excuse... :wink:

I agree. We should have converted the fake punt but in the stands I noticed a 13th man on the field before I realized what was going on.

Also, the Cobb fumble hurt us as well. We were driving and it turned out to hurt us.

you can only challenge a call not a non call .!!!

couldnt agree more... wasnt even a throw as much as a soft lob. My sister could have caught that, one handed.

The tv guys mentioned the 13 men but they thought he got off in time to avoid the penalty. That dropped pass was sad though. It only hit him in the hands with no blue guys around. :cry:

An Argo-Cat fan

I can't find anything in the rulebook stating whether it's reviewable or not.
I know it's reviewable in the NFL.