Fake News Alouettes

Please let’s get this done or at the very least let the real Al’s fans know what is happening if possible. Both the league and the W family are realistically not helping. We’re being fed lots of Fake News keeping the caring real Al’s fans in limbo.
It has been reported the league could take over running of the Al’s (this would be a good thing) and there exists a group of Montreal investors who could buy the team (this would be the best scenario). The Montreal market is unique, in the sense that both the GM & President need to meet the fans, shake hands plus get onto both French & English sports radio shows. In other words both need to charismatic & appealing. Larry Smith had those qualities.
The longer this situation continues, it will affect (if it hasn’t already) season ticket sales. GM (Reed) has zero credibility, Boivin (President) run the team like a hockey team & Andrew W (enough said). Unfortunately the Al’s are an after though in the Montreal sport media but with the right owner and professional football operations this will succeed. Its imperative whoever the new owner / owners are the organization needs to look professional plus they need their own training and operations facility along with a major upgrade from the High School style dressing rooms at Molson stadium.

Good points! We’re all worried about the situation of the team. These are tough times for Alouettes fans. :frowning:

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Could even sell red hats with the logo, its worked in the past.


Where are the Als current operations and training facility?
Are they still at Olympic stadium?

I’d just work out a deal with McGill, and Reno molson stadium, new dressing rooms, new seats and not have bench seating, and maybe a new video board, and maybe wait but in the university still uses the running track put collapsed seating on one endzone so can be co fingered for football and school events, one thing I would do is see how much it would be to have 2 interchangeable fields so the Al’s dont half to play on that ugly closterd field and look professional