Fajardo thinks they would have handily won Cup

“No one will never know what the 2020 Riders look like, but I think the Riders win the Grey Cup pretty handily and might not lose a game all year. A lot of these guys signed one-year deals, so they might be a free agent and sign somewhere else,” Fajardo said.


I didn't follow SSK's off-season moves. Did they come out ahead in the free agent derby, and improve their team?

Fajardo was quick to respond after Dunk posted his article:

Cody Fajardo

Any chance I can get some commission on all these click bait headlines you use from me haha. This was a joking exchange, but as usual you’ve made it another click bait article. It’s unfortunate I can’t even joke around.



True excellence in journalism once again demonstrated by Justin Dunk. :woozy_face: :mask:

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So funny yet so true. Says what many of us think of them for a long while.

I love one of the comments further down that they're trying to figure out how to write an article on his tweet.

Was he misquoted?

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I don't know how Fajardo communicated with Dunk. I do know, from his tweet, that Fajardo says he meant it in a joking manner. The method of communication is key. I could say, for example, "I killed my wife last night", but how I say it conveys whether I am serious or joking. Perhaps how Fajardo said it did not give Dunk the intended meaning but neither of us will know for sure. I do know one thing though, it was definitely clickbait material.

I find it hard to call it clickbait when it's literally a quote from him.

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After having read the definition here:

I can see your point. However, the definition does not specifically say that direct quotes are not clickbait.

It's been a while, but according to the tracking list, RR didn't use the free agency period to change the face of the team. Most of their free players extended their contract with the team and few other players left their previous team to join the RR. The losses of Naaman Roosevelt and, at some point, Marcus Thigpen, could mean the their offensive would have been a little weaker than 2019, but due to the mobility of Fajardo, it would not have been a big problem in my opinion.

Edit: didn't see the next comments before writting this.

Dunk just doing his job...clicks are how he is evaluated

Fixed it for you...

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