Fajardo on Duke Williams: 'He's built different'

REGINA — There was moment during Saturday night’s contest between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Elks that everyone wearing green and white held their collective breaths.

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I am guessing that maybe he signed on with the riders too soon. Maybe he could have landed on the Rams to fill in for Woods. or not.

Duke Williams is considered too slow for NFL which is good for the CFL.

Yeah he's a bit different.
Arrogant without the talent.
And a big mouth to go along with the lack of talent.

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I see "Duke" likes to dance.... when he was rocked into next week, I think he was trying to do "the worm" for a moment....... LOL!

Congrats on the win Riders... if THAT is the best you can do against the worst team in a must-game, at home, the Stamps are going to polish the posts with your jerseys. Watching you all leave, silent, will be better than any home game I could imagine.

Bombers, you're next. :slight_smile:

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[quote="InHufwetrust, post:6, topic:74747"]
......... LOL!Congrats on the win Riders... if THAT is the best you can do against the worst team in a must-game, at home,

Yeh, but that worst team has a couple wins this year. Can't recall who they beat but just imagine how pathetic a team would have to be to lose to that worst team in the league you speak of. If it were to happen on the biggest stage the CFL offers, aside from the Grey Cup, and that beat down team was playing at home, WOW, maybe said team should look at applying for college football membership. As a side note, why was yesterday a must win for Riders? After next week they will finish 2 full games, and probably 3, ahead of the also rans that sit behind them in the standings. Maybe it's time to book a suite in one of the 35% of the empty office spaces that sit downtown and have an algebra teacher come in and explain when a game is a must win. As for Sask, they can just quietly move along and build on the longest win streak the league currently has to offer.

And you barely beat BC....so I guess we are even in that regard. It will be a tough game on the 28th but I am very confident that the Riders will find a way to prevail over the ponies.

Lol. Where are you n the standings again.

Fajardo is a great guy but he should leave religion out of football especially in Canada a land of many beliefs and a few unbelievers.

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The more I hear from Fajardo the less I want to hear him.

Absolutely. No need for that garbage in football or any sport.

Nice some fans are always able to see humor in any players possible career ending injury... Shows a lot about who they are.

so you want to muzzle people from mentioning their religious beliefs?

…triggers some I guess

Okay Mr. Ed and all the other Stumps fans, it's 2 week until game day, might as well start yapping now.

..ahhh no, I’ll pass, I’m driving…

What garbage?? What "any sport"
Ever watch baseball. Players are always doing the cross and looking up!
Whatever. Doesn't bother me a bit not matter what belief.

It bothers me. Can never understand why they are so insecure about their beliefs that they feel the need to constantly advertise them. Also hypocritical in that the Lord/Jesus helps people/teams win but are never blamed for a loss. Religion doesn’t belong in sports, in my opinion. It’s a personal belief or lack of belief that has nothing to do with sports.


They beat Calgary.