Fajardo leads Riders into an important season

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Yup. The road to the Grey Cup might very well go through Saskatchewan this year in the West. That's why here in Bomberville we're secretly plotting with BOTH goalposts at Mosaic Field to deflect post season endzone passes from Cody Fajardo should the opportunity present itself.


"The one thing Fajardo could still do is win". Agree with most everything but that. He's won 1 playoff game. In 2019 on home turf down by a TD with 20 seconds on the clock & 1st & 5 on the Winnipeg 5 yard line, you gotta make those plays. Three dropbacks & end up on the 8 yard line - game over. In 2021 when a team hands you the ball 6 times on turnovers & you lose by 4, well, you gotta win those games. In the big games as a starter the record shows he hasn't got it done. IMO, & that just may be me, Cody gets too emotional sometimes. It seems to me the game speeds up for him, not slows down as it does with a Ray, for instance.

As you say, this is a big year for him. Hopefully for Rider fans they end up playing in Mosaic Nov 20. If not, I would not be surprised to see big changes, whether @ QB or higher up. I like their coaching staff but when Dickenson etal arrived in 2016 with Jones, the expectation was Jones would bring at least 1 Cup in his 3 years. When he left, he did leave behind a contender & all his staff. We are now into the 3rd year with his successor. IMO a Cup appearance is the expectation at the very least.

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Don't forget that crazy IR list you guys racked up last season. Twenty one bodies missing and presumed injured at one point if I'm not mistaken. Still your Riders managed to eke out a home game for the playoffs. Take away that injury aberration and maybe we don't run away with the West in 2021 and maybe Cody plays host to us for a change.

Oh I don't think the Bombers run away with the West, Maax. :sunglasses: I still like their D a lot but the offence took some major hits with Harris, Desjarlais & Lawler going, the latter two 2021 All-Stars. If they were still there, they'd be the unquestioned top dogs - which is to say the replacements are a good step below. And despite Walters publicly stating in April about "talking at length" with a lot of kickers, as we speak the current roster shows the 2 kickers that didn't pan out & a punter named Tom Hackett (who). Not exactly Lauther, Paredes, Whyte & Castillo who front the West competitors. We'll see how it goes. Cheers :grin:

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My eyesight must be going. You didn't say you'd run away with the West this year, did you? I DO think the Bombers will be good in 2022 as well but much more, in the pack, shall we say. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Naw. That was 2021 revisionist thinking. In another dimension Saskatchewan fielded a healthy team and forced us to take the last few games seriously. It's all covered in Marvel's new 'Doctor Strange and the CFL Multiverse' saga due out this spring.

Most of the problem was overblown garbage like this. He did have a bad year, he wins, he can have a bad game and still win. That's where the onus should be instead of negativity just to make a story.

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Like Doug Flutie in Buffalo.

He got panned big time by spoiled NFL fans wanting an expensive prototypical NFL quarterback instead of a bargain basement doodle bug who willed them into the playoffs using Flutie Magic. In the final analysis the big shiney NFL QB they wound up with (Rob Johnson) turned out to be an expensive loser while Doug Flutie 'just won'.

IMO Cody needs a new contract in place before the regular season starts. Not only would it instill confidence in him, it’d help alleviate the unwarranted pressure routinely heaped on him.

How much was paid to that cross bar two seasons back I guess will be a closely gaurded state secret. I do know the said cross bar and his family were promptly deported to make an example of their treason

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2019's Operation Crossbar was a complete success but Bomber HQ has released few details. Those documents will remain classified until someone ponies up the ten bucks needed to bribe the office clerk. Donuts cost money you know.

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I have already paid the 10 dollar bribe several times. I think it is actually a scam and all my money went into bonus beer pyramid scheme for the benefit of the unpaid water boys

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Blame O'Day and Reynolds. Dickenson is doing a good job.

Did you put the money ($10 in assorted bills will be fine) in a plain brown envelope addressed to right traitor?


(heavy sigh) Okay let's try this again.
Put the money in a plain brown envelope and address it to:

'Crooked Office Clerk'
Bomber HQ
Top Secret Ops
re: cash bribe enclosed

Make sure to include a brief note detailing your classified document needs along with your preferred secret drop off location. Okay?

If anyone follows you be sure to eat the entire envelope CONTENTS AND ALL. Then set fire to it just to be on the safe side.

Thanks for shopping Bomber HQ!

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Pssst! Don’t deal with Maaax. He can actually drink a $10 bill. I’ll help you out for a mere $5.


Going with Jon, he seems honest and trustworthy... And offers a discount


It's always best to deal with honest and trustworthy people when it comes to bribing crooked office clerks. :grin: