Fajardo Doubtful for Finale

Looks like it’s Harker time to try and clinch first. Pulled back muscle for Fajardo.

aww hell

Man this team must be cursed. One game away from a first round bye and our QB goes down

Or maybe the second one steps up this year and shows what he’s got. Wouldn’t a Q.B. controversy make the season a little more complete? ;D

I did like Harker but now isnt the time to be experimenting with our QB depth :-[

I dunno. I think we are going to be pleasantly surprised with Harker as starter Saturday.

Hopeful for Harker… Also hopeful esks sit Harris. They need him for Montreal. Would be great if the east is represented by a more west team than the west.

From CD sounds like it was a side muscle in his back, from Dickes tone, does not sound that serious!! We will soon know more!! We need him for the finish!!

Ouch! The timing culdnt be worse. But on the Flip side The Esks have already made it official Harris will sit.
Always looking for a silver lining in things.
Should Farjardo be out. The Riders will only dress 2 QBs.
With an American spot left open on the Roster.
The Riders can dress be able to Dress Will-Lambert & Manny A.
Also at Home could see alot more heavy dose at RB. using the fresh legs of Canadian RB Lafrance.
As a change of pace. Especially how worn the Esks front 7 looked 2nd h
Alf last week

Fajardo listed as the starter on the depth chart released today. We can breathe easier now.

I’ll go along with that.
I’ve been an avid supporter of this young talent.
He’s showed he can be quick and precise.
It could be very exciting, however truthfully I fully expect Cody to start, if not let the games begin!

If Fajardo can’t play, I have a feeling that we can beat the Evil Empire with the Next Man Up !

Even if Farjardo does start, I have a feeling we will see Harker & Bennett get some reps. The Riders will be that far ahead of EE.

Go Riders Go !

Fajardo says it’s a “significant” injury and if the game was today he wouldn’t play. Not sounding good for playoff run

Start Harker and if it’s not getting done put Fjardo in. At least try to save Fjardo and let him heel if Harker can get it done. Worth the try I would think.

Agree here. Just looking at the Edmonton depth chart. They are sitting Ellingson and Collins Jr. and Trevor Harris. Starting d-lineman for Edmonton appear to be moved to backup role so not sure how much they play. Rely on Powell and the defense to shut them down. I think they win by 9 with Harker but I’d still dress Fajardo even if he doesnt play much.

That doesn’t mean much when he still can’t practice 24 hours before the game and Fajardo says if it was here and now there is no way he could do it. Not a great situation when he is dropping to a knee throwing an out. don’t take chances with andoblique on a QB

Why don’t they go back to the 2 back system where they employ a fullback, a la szarka, to help protect the quarterback, and he can also be used for swing passes and screens, etc… the quarterbacks are going down far to much in football and it appears they need more protection.

This is an important game, but it’s not the Western Final or the GreyCup.
Fajardo sits out absolutely no doubt. He’s not needed.
Harker I think will surprise the Fans wanting a win today…

Fajardo is officially out according to 620CKRM.

Run, run, run. The defense needs to pitch a near shut out.

They ran 2 backs with Thigpen and Powell for about a half a game this season and had tremendous success with it. Totally agree, mix it in at least.