Fajardo basically throws his receivers under the bus

I'd hate to see this guy lose the weapons we did.

“50-50 balls are our nemesis. I watch everyone else throw these balls up and make catches, obviously I’m a little frustrated right now. It’s been one of those things, anytime it goes up, it seems to be a pick or an incompletion,” Fajardo said post-game.

“We just need to find a guy who can go down and make a play other than Schaffer-Baker who is going to draw a double team. That’s the biggest thing is finding a guy who can be opposite of that. Everybody in the whole room knows it, I’m not calling anybody out, that’s just something we have to fix. I thought the guys fought hard,” Fajardo said.

If only he had some personal control over the success of drives or individual passes.

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Cody Fajardo is just trying to convince Duke Williams to sign with the Riders.

What a dipstick thing to say. That was a terrible, ill-advised panicked throw with lots of time left on the clock. They had momentum and were moving the ball well up to that point. If you’re going to toss up a 50/50 ball then don’t out throw your receiver and try to look off the safety while you’re at it.


I can't believe he would say that when he makes mistakes as well .

How would he like it if the receivers said you know if we can get a better QB we would have won tonight . I have seen QB's throw the 50/50 ball a lot better than he can .

He throws 20/80 balls to me .


FAJAJA has been over throwing his receivers a lot this year, he is just slightly better than average. Last year he was an anomaly. He should spend less time munching on corn dogs and whining about fans opinions and show more respect for the team.

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He needs a humbling experience. Was the king of Riderville, darling of the league last year.
He's finding out it's not easy. You'd think a career backup would know that.


But can he pee in a bottle on demand?


Probably never had to.

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Upwards of 20 million Americans have Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis).

I'm not sure how many of them play football?


Ha, ha! That would piss me off...


This from the guy who cried people have to watch what they say on social media.

Riders sign Duke Williams. Guess it pays to throw your receivers under the bus

Baby wants, baby gets.

Irresponsible spending. What a message to send to your fans. A problem is identified and team goes out and tries to rectify it. A dangerous precedent.


I guess it also pays to throw your salary cap out the bus window as well .
Honestly doesn't surprise me that it was Saskatchewan . I figured if he didn't sign there then it would've been in Toronto .


CFL season is already half over. So, the most likely scenario was Duke Williams signing with a team where both sides are familiar with one another. When Williams last played in the CFL, his HC/OC was Jason Maas who is now with the Riders. The other logical option would have been BC because he has previously worked with Michael Reilly.

Perhaps, with all the 6 plus game injuries Saskatchewan has suffered thus far maybe just maybe they still have a bit of change left in purse.


Don't throw water on their hate with any reason. :-1:

Here's all the compensation details on the Duke and several other receivers, for those who just need to know. Total cap hit of $73k in 2021 (less any savings from another player who may get released as a result).

Riders make Duke Williams their second-highest-paid receiver

His contract includes a $25,000 signing bonus, which has already been paid out in full. He will also earn a $12,000 housing bonus and a $2,000 travel bonus.

His base salary of $102,000 will be prorated over Saskatchewan’s six remaining games, totalling $34,000. This means he will earn $73,000 down the stretch of the regular season plus playoff money depending on whether or not the Riders qualify and how many postseason games they’re able to win.

Had his contract been in place for a full eighteen-game regular season, Williams would have earned $145,000.

Seems like a bargain for a guy who was pretty dominant his last year in EDM. Unless he falls into the well-worn category of "players who came back from an NFL stint and weren't never the same."

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