Fajardo, Als, get another shot at breaking glass ceiling

MONTREAL — “I’ve had a couple of dreams this year of winning a Grey Cup,” Cody Fajardo said, his sweat-soaked uniform still on and the high of winning his first playoff game in two years still lingering.

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Talk about long odds. Toronto’s about as tough an opponent as they come.

Fajardo came within an inch of missing that ‘darned upright’ in the 2019 Final. A completed pass would’ve sent his Riders to the Cup against Hamilton instead of Winnipeg. That was the last time he quarterbacked a team that was truly up to task.

I’m not saying that he CAN’T pull out a victory in this year’s final against the best team in Toronto’s history… I’m just saying that it’s kinda unlikely. But I’ll be hoping that he does it just the same. :grinning:


Fajardo has the goods to lead the Als to victory. The key to his success will be in 10 yard production.
With his running rejuvenation he might just be able to pull off an upset


While the Peg/BC game will be no doubt exciting, I’m most looking forward to the Als/Boatmen contest. Fajardo has proven he is playing inspired on an inspired team. The Fajardo-Kelly matchup should be one for the ages. I still think the Argos will prevail but what a game it will be!


Fajardo has to get rid of the ball quickly in obvious passing situations. He’ll be facing a ferocious pass rush every single time he’s 2nd and long… if I was Cody’s OC I’d say, “Listen, and understand. That front four is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

And if that doesn’t quicken his release I’d tell him to punt on first down.


LOL you would make a great OC Maaax in the eastern final at least :beers:

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Kelly ,Ouelette, and Peters will easily take care of the Als. Then I will have someone to cheer against at THF on the 19th.
Go Lions!

…don’t discount how good the run stop is for the Larks. Limit Ouelette and force Kelly to throw at that secondary all day it might be a way colser thing than you think…

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It should be a great Eastern Final and, although most are saying that Toronto will win hands-down, I expect the game to be won within the last minute, and, if you remember last year’s Grey Cup, nothing’s for sure in the CFL. I believe the Alouettes will surprise everyone and come away with a hard-fought, nail-biting victory! With two very close games during the regular season, the time has come for Montreal to pull ahead in the end. Looking forward to a great battle!

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I’d love for this to turn out to be true! My Als are not the greatest at run-stopping, though. I do agree that it might be a closer game than some think. We lost all three to Toronto this year but the final two losses were quite close…

Good on you all for believing in Montreal vs Toronto in the Eastern Final. But really both BC and Montreal have an up hill battle this coming weekend. And most of you expect an easier game in the west for Winnipeg but I am quite sure that the Als up hill battle is much higher. Argos are way more top of the hill this year than last year… here’s hoping for a BC / Montreal Grey Cup.