Fair Warning to "Boreham Bashers"...2007 Edition

Whether Jamie makes the 2007 Tiger-Cats squad or not, you losers are gonna pay!.....huge! :twisted:

Here's your future from all of us Boreham fans..


You've been duly warned! :twisted:


Just so you know, my "Fair Warning" thread was first........Crash is not only a "poser" but a dirty , rotten scoundrel!......

Duel at dawn! :twisted: ...be there! (admission:...$19.95)


:lol: :wink:

j/k Crash....these forums need some life !.....en garde!


I think I can speak for everyone when I say:

What the h**l is this.

boreham SUCKS...and so does the new ticat GM if he keeps him in '07, cuz hes not doin his job proper!