Fair Trade?

How about serving up this Brock Ralph guy for Danny Mac?
Doesn't Brock's brother play in Calgary? Mom & Pop would be happy.
I don't think he's the better receiver of the two brothers, if you know what I mean.
(Like what's the point of a fast car if you can't get girls?)
I say this is fair trade.
By bringing Danny back we could allow him some time to mentor Eakin and Williams and perhaps insure an offensive coordinator for 07?
This of course signal the end for Joe, sorry.
Look at Burris' confidence this year, no more gangly kid with the tools,no plans...more like, "Thanks Danny, now I know what you mean"
We all know D Mac's committment to the area, with his charity work and his optimism for turning things around.


After the way these "fans" treated Danny Mac, i doubt he would want to come back here.

keep brock ralph here, hes making the catched..... fair trade would be jason mass and corey holmes to BC for buck pierce.... i dont think its a secret that corey holmes will be looking for a new team since he isn't being used much at all here.... and then at least we get a QB that can perform

What he said.

Holmes!Trade him now!He wont be here next year!Our season is over!It gives us room for more talent searching too!

Start trading for sure !

Snowboarding_17 is our GM now as he recognizes a good future QB ,not a "he was MVP and he was this and he was "

BUCKO PIERCE to Hamilton for whomever they want in return.......the whole team if the celery cap allows it.....

Yes Celery Cap...... you eat it this year and benifit next year ....

Bring Bucko! to Hamilton!!!!!! :expressionless:

well if we do trade away holmes and mass, im sure thats alot of salary cap space free


That trade was posted in part last week..... :smiley:

I think it was by me too lol

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yes you said you wanted buck pierce in a trade, but im pretty sure i said somewhere the we should trade maas and holmes, cause that is the most resonable trade i think we could make with them for him, and its not as lopsided because maas stinks and will never start again, and holmes is expendable when he will most likely leave after this season anyways, and he is rarely used on the field!

Why on earth would we want Danny Mac. If he came here now he'd play and then we'd NEVER get our 2 and 3 QB's any reps and they'd stagnate even more than they are now. Try trading Maas not Ralph and I might consider this senerio

Corey’s present situation effectively gives him veto power to any trade Being unsigned for next year, if he was traded now he would likely only report home for “family matters” for the rest of the season and seek a contract as a free agent in the off season. That is, unless a long term contract with a team Corey is interested in joining is worked out in advance, with the team Hamilton would be trading him to. My hunch is that Corey is staying here in Hamilton to be abused for 7 more games, a real shame.

But, there is good news. Ron Lancaster will only be with the Cats for 7 more games too.

I'm looking forward to Labour Day ,the pre game festivities,the fly over and the unfurling of the countrys largest flag......thats it....

If we don't sure up our o-line, it does'nt matter what QB you bring in here, he wont have tome time to through it either. First get some offesive lineman that can protect and give some time to your qb and anyone can play qb. Roughriders proved it last night.

Trade Brock or Maas or Holmes…or all of the above to Toronto.

When you go through Danny McManus, Khari Jones, Jason Maas, Kevin Eakin, Marcus Brady, and Richie Williams(he hasn't gotten much of a chance though), in a one and a half season span, and none of them seem to be capable of getting the job done, then it obviously isn't the QB position that is the biggest problem. The ticats receiving corps isn't all that stellar, as most of you probably know. I haven't really been following your o-line, but it didn't look all that good last night.

My solution to the ticat situation would begin with... getting a head coach for next season, getting a new offensive coordinator, (Kavis Reed has done a decent job on defence with what has been given IMO), trade one or either both of Josh Ranek and Corey Holmes to another team for some more well known and proven WRs.(Both Ranek and Holmes have been used ineffectively in the PaoPao offense, and decent runningbacks are usually a dime a dozen). Use draft picks to shore up the o-line.

Sorry, I never meant for him to play, but to guide Eakin and Williams for the balance of this season, and intend for him to stay on as a possible OC for next year.I think Eakin looked good last season under Danny's guidance.
I could care less for Maas or what they do with him.........I think we traded our cow for some magic beans or something.
He's a bust, no other way to put this into words.