Fair trade or not?

I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my Als. They're releasing great players, benching others... It's like they want to fail. They're not even trying to get something in return...

I know it is too late to talk trades because Kevin Johnson was released yesterday, but do you think that would have been a fair trade?

The Blue Bombers send their 4th QB, Spergon Wynn, whom they never used all year to Montreal.

Montreal send a veteran linebacker, Kevin Johnson, who can bring leadership and experience in the Winnipeg defensive squad.

I'd think so. Winnipeg has shown moments of greatness this season, but it's not like they were overly consistent. Perhaps beefing their defense a little would help bring some stability there.....and it's not exactly like they'd be missing out on anything with Wynn leaving. Did he even take a snap this year?

No he didn't, and we couldn't firgure out why when Tee Martin was so bad that Daliey didn't wake up and use Wynn instead ot Martin.

That's a great trade there 3nd! I don't know whats going on in Montreal right now, but they still have other great players and should pull off the GC this season. Next Season, that's the big ? right now.

if daley remains then we may as well do the trade as he wont use wynn. with a new coach i would hold on to wynn b/c he is bound to get a shot. so wait til we here about our situation and then we'll talk.

Hypothetical situation, blackdale - Johnson's been released already.

Yeah. Feel free to make in an offer AND keep Wynn.

Man, Jim Popp must be on the verge of a burnout...

as it stands wynn is only hypothetical because he can't even make the roster with daley.

Thats surprising considered he did well in BC behind Dickenson and Printers.

well, with Daliey gone now (THANK YOU GOD!), maybe the new HC will test Wynn out, if he is still with the Bombers in the off season that is.

...Wynn will finally get a decent shot at the starters job...now that Daley has bit the dust....one of many moves that will get this team back on track....here we go BigBlue.... :arrow:

Why was Johnson released? Reminds me of the 2003 GC when the Don cut the vets and put in 2 rookie corners.