Fair sports please

After Tom Higgins comments on the TiCats vs Als game,
I think me and buddies will save our money and not go to the B.C game.Hamilton got ripped off period. :smiley:

I think I saw the whaaaaambulance going by your house.

Don't forget to drink lots of whine to forget your troubles.

Do you got a link? i couldnt find what he said.


about half way down ...

HMM what does the rule book say?


Article 10 (b) ix states-
ix.Any eligible receiver who makes contact, however severe, with one or more eligible opponents while looking for and making a genuine attempt to catch or bat a reachable ball will not be called for interference. It shall be ruled pass interference if a player "goes through" an opponent during an attempt to play the ball.

This would make a defender who is not making an attempt on the ball guilty of pass interference regardless of arm motions or how prolonged the infraction of screening.

Higgins should stop re writing the playbook, unless the rules are actually re written formally! IMHO