Fair Catch Kick

This is probably going to the 'other leagues' forum so: CFL! CFL! Maple Leaf! Beaver Tail! Oskee Wee Wee! eh! etc...

Did anyone know about this rule in the NFL? You can attempt a FG by way of a free kickoff from the point of any fair catch. No onside recovery allowed. Last attempted in 2008 and last made in 1968.


Watch a recent attempt on YouTube:


Who said the fair catch had to be boring? :lol:

Why would you want to?
Why not take your 4 downs and try to advance to ball first.

It reminds me of the CFL safety rule that states that if I score the safety, I can kick the ball back to you.....Why would I want to?

You'd want to do it if you made a fair catch in reasonable field position with little time on the clock at the end of the first or second half.

sure, but you can kick a field goal at any time....

sometimes it has to do with field position, it's a very rare thing to ever see.

I don't know in my lifetime if it has ever been done.

This buys you the 7 yards of a snap and eliminates any chance of blocking the kick. On top of that since its a free kickoff and there's no onslaught from the defense, you can wind up and kick a monstrously long kick. The most recent attempt was 69 yards and missed by very little.

I'm not suggesting it has any particular place in the modern game, but these are some of the reasons coaches might elect to use it at the end of a half.

And it can be a "Rugby Style" drop kick on the run too!

You can, but the benefit here is that you have a shorter kick and no one in front to block it.

Did you read the bottom of the Wiki page? Apparently Detroit was in a position to try a kick like this from the 42 yard line, but opted for a regular field goal kick instead of the free kick. This meant their kicker had to boot a 50 yarder instead of a 42 yarder. He came up short…


It’s an interesting rule. I like the crazy rules like this one. They’re part of what makes the game so fun!

OK! I see....I was not thinking about the extra 7 yards