Failure to develop QB for post Calvila Era

Anthony Calvillo has been the Alouette QB for a decade defining himself as one of the truly great QBs in the history in the CFL He has always been a QB who took charge of his own training and conditioning and, demonstrated longevity in a sport that, for most athletes, has a much lesser life. Time, however does catch up to athletes and, it now appears caught up to Calvillo who is now playing at the unheard of age 41. Last season, however, it was evident that AC's age was beginning to show as, he sustained a shoulder injury and, played with pain and, did not play as par to his previous seasons. This evening Calvillo suffered a head injury, only making worse his QB effectiveness. He left the game and was replaced by Neiswander who, as second string QB who had not a single game experience in his three year tenure with the team.

The Alouette management gave no real thought that Calvillo would eventually need to be replaced and, the team failed to develop a younger player who would take over from Calvillo when his effectiveness declined. The Als had a history of having second string QBs who were of little value, that is, until Adrian McPherson arrived on the scene. McPherson, in his early years, demonstrated his worth when, given the opportunity he showed competence in both the running and passing game. Unfortunately, for Adrian,after a time,he was given no playing time and, no reps in actual practice and, I believe, this career stalled without playing experience. He, unwisely signed a two year contract, was again given no game time and left the team a year ago to play for the Tampa Bay football club in the Arena league where his performance earned him several best player award.

Watching today's game with Naiswander at QB, it was evident that he is not ready for starting QB despite the fact that this was indeed, his third season ( no game time ) it was evident that his play was less than the excepted CFL standard and, the team is presently without a QB of expected value and experience. What to do ? I believe that Adrian McPherson is the best QB available to take over not that AC play is most is in decline. He knows the Als system, the team members ,and this last season has proven his value by his play in the Arena Football League. I recall the brilliance of McPherson's early years which was again proven in the AFL. In addition,its time to get Troy Smith into game experience.

  1. How long is McPherson contract with the Storm? Now that their season is over, is there any possibility for him to get out of that contract?

  2. As of mid-July, McPherson was injured. Is he healthy now to be able to play immediately?

  3. Last but not least, does he still want to play with the Alouettes, considering what they had done to him?

I don't think McPherson was ever going to be the answer, and after letting him languish forever then discarding him just when the window of opportunity was finally about to open.. I sure wouldn't come back if I were him.

I would have though Porter returning was more likely.. he would very likely have done enough to give the Als what they needed more out of Neis to pull out the win today. Now that Popp is in charge and the guys who didn't want are no longer in charge I would have expected him back.. but with Smith's signing I'm not sure that's a possibility anymore.

All I know is that it's so painfully obvious how inadequate our backup option is compared to when 2nd and 3rd stringers come in for other teams... there is really no excuse, especially with a 40 yr old QB, to still be stubbornly neglecting the importance of the backup QB position.

Calvillo will likely hang on a bit longer, as he'll desperately want his 80k yards.. which he will during the next 2-3 games that we will lose. Then they'll announce that he's going to pull a Ham and just mentor as a backup, retire in the off-season.

Every team in the CFL except for the ALS and PEG have young UP and coming QBs in their STABLES--

Ham- Lefeavour-
TOR- Collaros

Montreal should have developped a young QB, but I think AC will try to play for a few more years to PAD his RETIREMENT FUND-

Its clear that AC is only playing for the $$-- If you dont believe me, ask AC to take a 50% pay cut and watch he will end up on another CFL team who will pay him more or he wont play anymore--

Calvillo knows he controls the ALS and will try to collect the last 5 to 7 hundred thousand dollars at the expense of the ALS organization--

That's complete BS, and nothing more than smearing on Calvillo. Ask ANY player to take a 50% pay cut, and they'll end up on another team. All CFL players are professionals who get paid to play. Wanting Calvillo to be replaced is one thing, and it's completely reasonable at this point to say we need a new QB under centre, but to say it's CLEAR that Calvillo is only playing for the money is nothing more than slander and spite towards the guy.

Its my opinion and many on this site share that opinion--

Why else would he still be playing? He has accomplished everything--

Qbs in the CFl retire earlier because they get paid in the millions- its really simple

He's still playing because he enjoys playing football, and has a passion for the game of football. This is what he loves to do. Football's been part of his life ever since he was young, and he studies the game arguably more than anyone else in the league.

It may be your opinion, but I find it very narrow-minded and presumptuous. I take offense when someone says that, by your own words, it's "clear that AC is only playing for the SS" and that he's "padding his retirement funds at the expense of the Als organization."

For me, it's "clear" that you know nothing about who Anthony Calvillo is. :expressionless:

He just started rehab in the last few days. He won't be ready till spring.

Yes, making BS up really is simple. It's also BS. Nobody in the CFL is paid millions. This is a basic fact that your opinion doesn't change.

You have no idea why Calvillo is playing, so you're making something up that happens to support the answer you want. That happens all the time on this forum it seems.

Sad but true. I completely understand fan frustration with Calvillo's performance. I think he's done myself. But why do we have to start with the character assassination? A pro football player of Calvillo's caliber doesn't go into a season saying to himself: "I don't have it anymore, but I'm still going to milk the team for x dollars, because I'd like to pad my retirement fund." You think this is how Calvillo wants to go out? For every athlete there comes a time when the mind is willing but the body is too old or battered to get it done. It's rarely pretty, and it's almost always accompanied by a decline that is likely as bewildering to the player himself as it is to the fans. Ray Lewis's storybook ending was just that: a storybook ending that rarely ever happens. And even then, the Ray Lewis of last season was a shadow of his former self; he won because the team won, not because he was the Ray Lewis of 10 years ago.

For what feels like the hundredth time, I will reiterate my agreement with the general feeling that AC is done. I agree. I think he's finished and it's time for him to step away. But let's stop with the innuendo and speculation about his motives. It's just not right, especially not when you consider how much he's given to the franchise. Anthony isn't a coach and he's not responsible for staying in or leaving games. If you are frustrated with the team's failure to develop a backup QB, or the unwillingness to sit Calvillo, be frustrated with the team. With the coaches and GM. Not with the player, who is, in the end, only responsible for playing, not for personnel decisions or playcalling...

This is a lot like the Brett Favre situation.

  1. Regardless if his Arena contract seems clear that the Arena league is a "feeder" for the CFL (and to a lesser extent the NFL.) Should Adrian express the desire to play in the CFL...I have no doubt whatsoever that he will be released so that he can pursue his dreams.

  2. According to what I've read...McPherson has a lower back injury. He is out for the season. McPherson is preparing for whatever comes NEXT season. He still hopes (considering his amazing showing in Arena Ball)
    to be given another shot at the Big Show.
    beware of mascots driving carts....big guy

  3. No

I imagine another motivation
Extant since he was 1-5 in Grey Cup appearances
Would be to even his Grey Cup legacy

From the look on his face after Ricky Foley took him out
I'd say last night was the first time he realized
That dream would NEVER happen

Time to go...

For me, it's "clear" that you need to find another object for your "puppy love"
That one's done.

Without grading this post with a pass/fail
Or a percentage

I'll just say "EXACTLY"

This thread is about the failure of the Alouettes to groom a replacement for Anthony Calvillo

It is well established throughout the CFL that THAT failure rests squarely on his sloping shoulders
A failure born of paranoia and mendacity

Observation and frustration has turned MANY montrealers against Calvillo
Regardless of your own personal feelings
and the CFL's understandable need to deify as many players as possible
AC is human
He has flaws

He's paid a cool 1/2 million dollars
And once he retires he'll be hawking cars
Or whatever else he can snag to make ends meet
Who can blame him for scratching and clawing to hold onto what he has?

Well...quite a few...apparently
Selfishness...regardless of the situation
Is UNFORGIVEABLE in a team sport
If Anthony doesn't back off
And become a team player in his final hours
Even that "car hawking" job
May evaporate for the guy

He's got just enough good will among the uninformed
To make something work
Amazing how fast reputation can sour...however

If you doubt it
Explain the apparent glee
With which the TSN crew (Climie excluded) are ripping into AC
The last few weeks
It's "telling"

No one doubts that's EXACTLY what Brett Favre did his last year
The man so much as admitted it himself
After YEARS of devoted championing of this flawed quarterback
both professionally and personally
It's hardly a surprise that those devotees are circling the wagons
To protect his legacy

You certainly have the right to your opinion
But what's especially telling
Is the ferocity with which you attempt to strip others
Of that exact same right

All the acrimony and bad blood
Will pass with AC's retirement
It's definitely a misdirection of energies
If nothing else

This is the Favre situation all over again--

You have an older qb nearing 40 who is still performing DECENT enough to be competitive- The QB PLAYS close to 40 years old and then is RETAINED because the FANBASE is familiar with FAVRE and CALVILLO and they are the only EXPERIENCED QB the team has--

The season tickets sales are good with FAVRE and CALVILLO coming back-
The local community and fans are familiar with calvillo and Favre.
The fans all have Favre and Calvillo jerseys-

So its an easy decision and a BUSINESS WIN for the ALS and AC--- Its simple the ALS are a business- They are in the business of MAKING MONEY- ENd of story-- With making money usually COMES WINNING GAMES-- The 2 go hand in HAND-

The ALS were a successfull business with TRESTMAN and during the POP ERA because they wON GAMES and the team was selling out and the business (the ALS) were also making money--

Before the start of the 2013 season a BIG MESS was brewing around the Als- You had a GM who's heart was somewhere in CAROLINA as he wanted a NFL JOB so he could pursue his DREAM of moving back to the states- This failed for POPP-
TRESTMAN and BRADY bolted town-

You had an AGING team with some experienced guys who just look TOO slow to play now- Jamal-London-AC-Tisdale-

A team that was building for WINS and the FUTURE success of the ALS would have seen this coming and would have IMPLEMENTED a YOUTH MOVEMENT to stay competitive- Much like BC and Toronto became YOUNGer teams with fresh faces everywhere and FRESH YOUNG COACHES as well-- You have to cut the vets and recruit young guys and build them up slowly through your system-

SO what did POPP and the ALS do? They said hey we as the ALS are making money- Our recipe has worked- WHY CHANGE ANYTHING? We have the ALOUETTE BRAND and we have AC who will draw fans to the stadium- IF it aint broke, dont fix it was POPPS and Westendholmes thinking-

What happened is the ALS got complacent- In the process of course AC is going to stick around and collect his big fat paycheque because he knows he can basically play for as long as he wants to- Real QBS with class and respect for the game LEAVE the game at an age where they are still effective-
We will all remember AC as the guy who refused to quit and also refused to allow the ALS to move past him and the QB who could perhaps ruin the next 2 to 3 years because the ALS have to develop a young QB now--

COMPLACENCY destroys teams and the ALS were complacent-

Bringing in castoff free agents like TISDALE and KUALE Bruce were desperation moves, Byron Parker also- Now TROY SMITH is supposed to save the day? Well there is a good chance that TROY SMITH will not be the guy and furthermore he has no one to throw to here and there is no offensive system in place that works.

My only complaint about this post...

Is where was it the last 3 years...when this process was percolating
And there was still time to do something about it?
and I was being nailed to the cross for even suggesting such heresy


Oh stop the drama "Jesus", no one is nailing you to a cross, you got on people's nerves with the daily Adrian diatribes and 3 years ago this team was a damn good team. Things started collapsing because we could not keep a defensive coordinator and Barker did what Barker does, raid other teams of their talent. Let's wait and see how Popp and his crew "rebuild" before claiming the apocalypse is upon us. :cowboy: