Facts, Myths and questions????

We have so many talk show expects half way across the country, you never know whos talking fact or whos shovelling doo doo. I'm going to pose some questions here and hopefully the Ottawa posters can help me here with Truth or doo doo.

(1) One of the problems with the Ottawa franchise is they get no help from the City of Ottawa. Parking and concessions go to the city not to the team. Is that true? (When the Lions played at old Empire Stadium, parking and concessions went to the City.)

(2) Has the City been able to offer a break on the rental of Frank Clair Stadium?

(3) Because of Ottawa being full of Civil Servants, Businesses don't buy Seasons tickets to give away to Customers, because their Customers work for the Government and are not allowed to accept them. Is that a true statement?

(4) Taxes Owners have a higher tax burden. (Toronto and Hamilton are in Ontario too, shouldn't the taxes be the same?) I know in BC their is a Translink tax that effects Gasoline and Parking, does Ottawa have any strange taxes that could hurt a potential owner?

So help me out Ottawa posters....Is there an ounce of truth to any of these items?

Frank Clair Stadium is part of Lansdown Park. It includes also the civic centre (aprox. 9 000 seat arena) and a couple of exhibition halls. The city last year made a $6 000 000 with Lansdown Park. The team pays the city $650 000 a year to use the stadium. There is also a Stadium improvement fee charged on all tickets. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I think its $6 a ticket. The city has a 10 year contract with a food service company so they don't share concessions. There is only around 5 000 parking spots. So if you want to park at the stadium you have to buy a parking pass with your season ticket (extra $100). You can't just show up and park there with cash in-hand. I am not sure if the city shares this revenue with the team. The mayor said he is willing to renegotiate some terms with new owners but the city must break even with its costs.
The only other "big business" in Ottawa is the "high-tech" sector. And things haven’t been going very well for many of the companies here. So they are not spending allot of money on corporate boxes. They don't serve the kind of clientele that you find at a CFL game. We are a blue-collar crowd. There isn't that kind of industry here...
And that's all I have to say about that

Wow...Thanks newbee. From 10,000 miles away, it looks like whoever the owner is, the Stadium deal is awful!

Exactly it is the worst in the CFL.