facts are...

Montreal is overall, the better team


with both teams playing there A game, or their B games as it looked to me today, it was gonna be close

No way is montreal so much better than the riders, or anyone else, as so many were saying

I expected a close win by Montreal, and I was of course right

I expected the riders to have a chance to win, and I was of course right

In the end, it was millers a-hole choice to decline the penalty and give montreal their 11th point that turned the game. I was screaming, NO do not decline, grrr. Be declining they would not give up the point, take more time off the clock, and possibly get a good return. Dumb miller dumb. way to give the game away.

The Riders got great field possesion, what if Duval hemmed them at the 5, MTL would have had the lead a lot earlier and the game would have been over.
SK had the game won, but had too many men on the field ,that simple. Duval choked the 1st kick away, it was over !

odds are very high against duval hemming them in at the 5. Take the penalty, play the game, and dont give free points. JUst like with the 2pt.

The fact is ,if the Riders had 12 men on the field for the 1st fg attempt, SK wins the Grey Cup. That is the only for sure of the whole game. Every thing else is speculation.

its crap to cry about that becaue the fg should not have been missed anyhow.

But they had 13....

It is up to Kavis Reed the specialtiy teams coach to make sure that there is the right amount of players on the field. After him it was up to Armstead to count to make sure there wasn't to many men on the field. A big screew up by not keeping the players under control to know who was to go out. The fourth grey cup was are and then taken away. Devitstating to the players and the coaches, and poorly ref'd game.

I thought it was a decently reffed game, the officials missed a few but nothing game changing. It really does suck to lose on a penalty though, especially when it was a penalty that really had no impact on the kick, and is easily avoidable. Thems the breaks. I thought overall the Riders dominated much of the game, but we've been on the other end and that's why you play 60 minutes.

I heard turkeybend was the 13th man lmao/rofl