Facts About Sandro Deangelis

The latest from Niagara Falls, Sandro says the Boatmens defensive line are a bunch of bozo's and wimps and he's going to kick the hell out of their butt's.

And the true fact out of Calgary Stampeder nation is they wish Sandro well on his signing with the Tiger Cats. :cowboy: One of the best kickers in the league today.

Man, that Sandro is one tough customer. :x

I'm starting to like Sandro even more now :slight_smile:

Sandro says, brother or not Belli is a over grown putz and hes going to drop kick his butt. :x :thup:

If that O’Shea comes around when Sandro is beating the tare out of Belli he can kick the crap out of him to. :x :thup:

Rob Murphy could use a good boot too :slight_smile:
Sandro reminds me of that Aussie episode of the simpsons where Bart make’s those calls to Australia and then has to get a “lil kick in da bum” as punishment.And the guy that delivers it has a giant left boot :slight_smile: (course put it on the other as Sandro’s a righty)

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