Facts About Nick Setta

  • On his birthday, Nick Setta randomly selects one lucky football to be kicked into the sun.

  • Nick Setta invented black. In fact, he invented the entire spectrum of visible light. Except pink. Kerry Joseph invented pink.

  • If you freeze frame #3,000,547 of Independance Day, you can actually see Nick Setta kick a football into the Alien Spaceship and destroy it.

  • Charmin wanted to name a brand of toilet paper after Nick Setta but soon realized that it would never sell. Because everyone knows that Nick Setta doesn't take crap from anyone!

  • Nick Setta is a mammal.

when the boogeyman goes to sleep at night he checks his closet for nick Setta

Greece used to be a part of mainland Europe... until Nick kicked it.

  • Nick Setta once performed open heart surgery on a man using only a kicking tee and tape.
:? Maybe he decided to spare most of it.

Nick setta kicked a ball so hard it was mistaken as one of Jupiter's Moons

nick kicked a football so far that sarah palin said she saw it outside her door

  • The only time Nick Setta has ever been wrong is when he thought he had made a mistake.

  • Noel Prefontaine wears Nick Setta pajamas.

  • Nick Setta can believe it's not butter.

  • Nick Setta's sweat is used to fuel the Millenium Falcon.

The God of Thunder relinquished his name and gave it to Nick Setta's foot.

Nick Setta is “The Most Interesting Man In The World”. Stay thirsty, my friends.

Nick Setta Grew up on Saturn that why Leg is so strong
Nick is out of this world

Nick once kicked a guy so hard that the guy starved to death doing cartwheels.

Nick once punted a Ball so Hard … It end up Red Square in Moscow
He Kicked it from Mac

I was at the Joyce watching Nick warm up on Monday.He kicked one ball,all the way to Thursday.

  • Nick Setta is why the bulls are running.

lol Waldo use to be Nick Setta's holder.. Nick Setta is the reason Waldo is hiding

From now on to be known as the patron saint of kickers SAINT NICK let us all pray. :thup: 8)

  • Everytime Nick Setta kicks a field goal an Angel gets its wings.

One cold, snowy November day, Nick Setta launched a punt from Ivor Wynne, it did a one hopper off the frozen bay, and they picked up the ball in Oakville!