Facts About Justin Medlock

  • Justin Medlock could kick a field goal even if he was going through Home Reno's.

  • Justin Medlock can harness Mother Nature and somehow have his kicking abilities not affected by the wind at Ivor Wynne.

  • Justin Medlock kicks with his left foot because if he were to kick with his right foot he'd end up looking like Sandro D'Angelis.

  • Both sides of Justin Medlock's pillow is the cold side.

I watched the game on Friday…Bruce is a pretty good kicker too :wink:

That was a punt.

Looked like a "Drop Kick" to me! :wink:

Well... then I guess Bruce can do something that Sandro couldn't... punt!

Now we have 2 punters and a kicker!


When Justin Medlock jumps in the water he doesn't get wet, the water gets Justin Medlocked.

When Justin Medlock kicks the ball, IT apologizes to HIM.

When in Rome, the Romans do as Justin Medlock does. . .

Justin Medlock wouldn't be afraid to show his feminine side. . . if he had one

Justin Medlock once had an awkward moment. . . just to see what it feels like.

This is too easy. . . and yes I am a fan of those commercials. . .

When Justin Medlock pats you on the back, you put it on your résumé.

The cure for AIDS is in Justin Medlocks tears.

Too bad he's never cried.

At museums, Justin Medlock is allowed to touch the art....

He has won trophies for his game face alone...

I don't always kick field goals on third down, but when I do, I prefer Justin Medlock.... :thup:

Head to Head: Medlock vs Duval - Saturday July 9th at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton. That's a fact. :cowboy:

Justin Medlock only missed the uprights once, however he was still given three points because he kicked the ball so hard, it orbited the globe twice and he scored three singles.

Soccer is called soccer, not football, because Justin Medlock says so.

The home opener fly by had to by canceled, because Justin Medlock's punts have resulted in Ivor Wynne being declared a no fly zone.

Justin Medlock doesn't get playing time on the field: the field gets Justin Medlock time.

Justin Medlock kicks with his left....to give other teams a chance...

Justin Medlock can eat breakfast in McDonalds after 11:00am

Justin Medlock can slam a revolving door

The Queen of England once asked for Justin Medlock's autograph...but he was to busy to sign it

On Justin Medlock's stat line, it just shows field-goals made...because he never misses

Chuck Norris isn't afraid of anybody...except Justin Medlock


I love this thread.

The farther east you go the tougher the people get. Justin Medlock lives in the last house.

Justin Medlock kicks the ball so hard, Chuck Norris's foot swells up.

All roads lead to Justin Medlock

Justin Medlock once got on the internet…without an internet connection

Justin Medlock gives Ozzie tips at practice

Spider-Man owns a pair of Justin Medlock pajamas

Justin Medlock was once an Eskimo and now is a Tiger Cat
Damon Duval will out muster Justin Medlock

Cool thread indeed I say.