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I hope everyone notices the stadium information on the goeastmountain.com site. Apparently 71 percent of the new stadiums built over the last decade are NOT downtown. I registered today too, I see they've got over 1,000 now.


So I merely post the link to the alternative website supporting wet harbour and it gets taken down. There was nothing malicious or inappropriate about this post. I guess the forum is owned by the Ti-Cats but there are plenty of comments that overtly support WH that stay up.

Why was my post removed?


Picture Gene Simmons. "Because....I CAN......bwwwwaaaahhh!"

That's inaccurate. 71% of MLS exclusive stadiums built in the last 20 years are not downtown.

Very few of these cities can be viewed as progressive planning oriented.

From 'Fact of the Day' http://www.goeastmountain.com:

[i]July 28, 2010

The East Mountain Stadium is approximately a 13-minute drive from King & Wellington in downtown Hamilton.

BMO Field in downtown Toronto is an approximate drive time of 17 minutes from Yonge & Bloor Streets.

Would BMO Field be considered a “suburban stadium site? as some have characterized the East Mountain Stadium site?[/i]

I think defining a location's 'urbanity' by driving time as opposed to physical geography is a very suburban notion. Of course BMO's a longer drive... there are 2.5 million people in Toronto proper.

What they fail to mention is that BMO is regularly served by light transit in the form of 2 streetcar routes and GO train. Alternatives that are much better than driving. You'd have to be a lunatic to live near Yonge and Bloor and still pull a car out just to get to BMO.

What they fail to mention is that BMO Field is 4 and a half kilometres straight line from Young and Bloor while EM is 8 kilometres from King and Wellington.

They arbitrarily pick a Hamilton intersection considered 'downtown' closer to EM while picking a Toronto intersection 'downtown' further away when they could have easily picked Yonge and Dundas or even Yonge and Front as downtown references.

Where are comparisons for travel times by bus and light rail? I live close to Yonge and Bloor and have walked to TFC games in under an hour. How long is that going to take for a Hamiltonian downtowner to walk pleasantly up the escarpment, 8 kilometres over highways and parking lots to get to EM stadium?

I get ragged on almost every time for seeing potential in Hamilton's downtown to become the people place that the downtown of almost every other Canadian city because I compare Hamilton to cities like Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

I feel my comments are warranted in this case because http://www.goeastmountain.com shouldn't be trying to wash themselves of the stigma of sprawl by associating themselves with BMO Field.

EM Stadium will not be the downtown stadium BMO Field is.

About as long as it will take a Hamilton mountainer to walk pleasantly down the escarpment, 8 kilometres over highways and parking lots to get to WH stadium?

But at least that walk would be downhill, eh? :lol:

Pffft…just rig up some sorta zip line and yer there in a jiffy!

I also thought the comparison with Younge/Bloor to BMO was a little weak. Given the size of Toronto I think the West Harbour would be similar to where BMO is…and the East Mountain would be more similar to Oshawa! :lol:

I read some of the stuff on that site…awfully skewed. Was there ever a time where people took the honest approach? Like, “I know my plan isn’t a perfect one…but I think it’s the best one for these reason.” Everyone always paints things as it’s either my way…or total failure and the world ends. Neither site is THAT BAD…I think the parties involved know this, they just don’t say it. Although Bob has come pretty close a few times. Good for him I say.