Facing Burris in a playoff game

Will it be Burris the fumbler who can't see a wide open receiver if he was under a spotlight?

Will it be Burris the great passer who picks apart secondaries with excellent judgement and reads?

Will our defense show up and eat Burris alive, sacking him, causing him to fumble, and scouping up the rebound and running into the endzone for 7?

Will our defense stay home and let Calgary burn us on the long plays, letting guys get behind us as Burris easily throws to his wide open man and then he trots effortlessly into the endzone for the 7 points?

Keith vs Reynolds who's gonna get or come close to 100 rushing yards in the game? Is Keith gonna get stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey or is he gonna break out, get outside, or up the gut, shed tackles, and even hit the endzone? Same with Reynolds. Which team is gonna bring the running game?

Joseph, is he gonna overthrow the ball? Get picked off consistently like in the Montreal game? Will his glass knee get injured? Is that good or bad if it does?

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!

Will it be a battle of field position? Is Conji gonna step up and give us the punts we need? Will this lose the game for us if he shanks 30-yard punts and we can't keep Calgary in their own end?

Will it be a 50-10 blowout for Calgary or will we lose it in double overtime from a missed field goal or botched snap?

Will we actually win the damn game, beat our demon like in 2004 when we beat Edmonton, only to have our hearts crushed in BC?


This is when the demons start to pour out and haunt us up till gameday. My friends and I very quiet and sullen right now looking ahead. A few days ago we were worried about not making the playoffs, we are glad, but now that they are here and we know where we're playing the demons are like a nightmare until the game is over. Then the whiskey is cracked open as we look to next year in disappointment and pain.

We've got two weeks to get ready for the stamps! Hopefully Condell and Hall are setting something up to lasoo them. This is the third time we're going to Calgary to start the playoffs ('89 and '97) Walling and Slack were the guys to lead us with big plays...who is going to do it now? Shamar (nice 63 yd run on Friday)? Fantuz? Someone will step up!

I see the riders getting to the West finals again. The Stampeders are totally underestimateing the Saskatchewan Roughriders already, you can see it.

Swoop in under the Radar..when no one thinks they will win they seem to play there best football..lets hope that tradition continues.

Why play Rocky when he's still suffering from a concusion? (well he may be just fine come November) Plus, i know a guy who's elbow ( non throwing arm ) just healed up, who used to play for the stamps.. I think he may have a bone to pick with them, while proven he's not just a 'has-been'

I wouldn't even think about playing Rocky again this year unless both Crandel and Joseph are in wheelchairs or you are 120% sure he is ready.
Don't mess around with concussion!

And I'll add the key to the game will be stopping Joffrey Reynolds.
It will however, be interesting to see if Hank can still get pumped up to play the Riders now that the Shiv isn't here....

Its a very different riders team.

Sure we all know that the stamps owned the riders in the regular season. But their last meeting will be 3 months to the day of the western-semi. The riders team looks a lot different.

Defence: upgrades at Corner and MLB aswell as increased experience at saftey with a capable backup most likely ready to play.

Offence: No matter who is throwing the ball he will have a lot more targets to hit. Murphy and JRich werent in the line up and Fantuz wasnt getting the reps he is now. Also the set back feild with Bracey and KK will give Calgary's LBs something new to face.

Speaking of JRich an YOOOO! what will the riders receiving corps look like? Matt D, Jason A, Fantuz, JRich, and last, but not least, YYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOO Murphy?

O and one more thing, i really dont care which Henry Burris shows up, just as long as the Riders win

Personally I hope we see the Henry Burris who carries the ball like he just stole a loaf of bread and is running from the cops and then fumbles when he gets hit, and the Henry Burris who slides 3 yards short of a 1st down when he takes off running on 3rd and 10. But then again, who really cares as long as we win, but I would like to see the Riders excercise a few demons and kick the crap out of Burris and the Stamps.

I wanna see a christmas coloured audience! And I dont want to see anything less of a well fought football game! ... Preferably with the Riders winning the contest :slight_smile:

Burris is back on form with when he was with us, so it means we're gonna kick his @$$! :twisted: If you think I feel sorry for him, well I don't! :cry: Hank's a great guy, this is nothing personal, just business! :cowboy: Hank, you're goin' down,buddy! :thdn:

There was only one other game that I have been looking forward to as much as this one - July 8, CGY at SSK.

That game let the air out of my sails like no other game I have ever seen.

This game must be the one !
This far....no further CGY !

Higgins was scouting last Friday's game in Edmonton. I bet he's worried that Fantuz is now starting to be a clutch receiver. Who's going to get double teamed...Fantuz or Dominguez?

Hopefully our D has their engine running and lays it thick on Henry.

Till Sunday!

The key to Burris is get him early and get him often.
He is easily rattled and will start to press if things aren't going well.
Then, can you spell fumble, or interception?

good point :wink: and with Calgary having 2 weeks off this could work in our favor, just like the BC Lions who will have 2 weeks off time WE play them :rockin:

I think that we have to show up to the game on both sides of the ball to win. The D needs to hit everyone in sight, the O needs to put drives together and score for the D. In the end Riders all the way! :rockin:

Earlier in the season, Burris looked like the Burris of old. He was missing open receivers, and making poor decisions such as forcing a pass into double coverage, throwing just to avoid a sack, fumbilitis, etc. He has been much more consistant as of late. Definately need early pressure to get to him.

It is going to be our d-line and backers that will decide the outcome of the game. Confident Keith will have a good if not a great game. Stamps pass defence is vulnerable. If Reynolds can be contained/limited then Perry and Jurineak can tee off on Burris.