Its quite obvious that he grabs the facemask!

Video and still below


Why Braidwood was not flagged for facemasking AND thrown out for objectionable conduct is beyond me!

Great work on the video RO. I think that Calgary would be justified in sending that into the league for discipline. The play was obviously over and to drag someone by the facemask should be a disqualification.

Another brutal call (or lack of) by the officials. The officials were staring right at it too. I would like to get George Black's take on this.

How does 41 miss that?

How does the head referee in the black hat miss that? Its right in front of him! I doubt the league suspending Braidwood would do any good , because the CFLPA would just appeal to an abritrator and he doesnt miss a game...

Officiating was brutal all weekend.

Late hits on QB's not called, half a dozen not called.
Armour tackled Bishop while Bishop is running for first down marker, called !
Receiver pushed out of bounds and called ineligeable.
facemasking On Hamilton receiver not called.
Facemasking on Burris not called.
Delay of game on Taaffe not called.


Not calling the Delay of Game on Taaffe tells me they knew they blew it!

I think they should use it to have the refs disciplined.

At one point it actually does look like Braidwood has his collar, and not the facemask. It looks like it might be a bit of both... I don't know...

The still clearly shows him grabbing the face mask. Whether or not he had the collar before is quite irrelevant

I thought maybe I was the only one to notice as the refs and commentators turned a blind eye and forget about any suspensions as an Esk season ticket holder would end up being the arbitrator :roll:

Braidwood seems to be learning from the classiest in the league; AJ Gass.

The commentators did not turn a blind eye. They mentioned he was lucky to not have been called. You can hear him in the clip

Wow that's terrible! That's not just a little accidental facemask, that's let's drag him for 5 yards right in front of the ref facemask.

He's lucky he wasn't tossed for that.

Just out of curiosity... and lets try to keep the "AJ Gass is the son of Satan" and the Edmonton hating to a minimum... Does anyone think there will be disciplinary action taken against him considering the refs were watching the entire incident?

Of course not

I doubt he'll get suspended over it, a fine might come his way though.

No, because the appeal process trumps what any discpline the league might give him.. the most they could do is fine him, and do fans want the league and player to go thru the appeal process again?

Face mask is face mask...

Well George Black what do you think of good ole number 41 for your zebras. That guy should be fired. This fellow I have seen do this countless times any one no who this blind ref is.