hendrix should have been ejected for that facemask. that looked to me like intent to injure. Anderson gets ejected for a suplex but hendrix almost rips armstead's head off and doesn't even get a penalty because of the illegal block in the back by hamilton. way to go cfl officials, you've done it again.

He DID get a penalty; 15 yards. Just most of that was eaten up by the illegal block penalty against the Cats.

You are right…it was intent to injure. He could have ended Armstead’s career. But the refs hate us, and why Hendrix wasn’t ejected from the game, George Black only knows.

yeah, he did get it, but it was basically pointless. That was intent to injure, and should have been ejected.

I agree, that could have been much worse than it ended being.

I am Getting Sick And tired of these dame refs

Agreed that it was far worse than our player's suplex. I don't know how that wasn't an ejection.

8) I am getting sick and tired of this damn team !!!! :x

The Cats should ask the CFL to review the play and fine and a suspention should be handed out.

DEAR MR YOUNG. Please take a few minutes and watch the tape of the game,remember you must pretect the health of all employes working under you.
There was intent to injure,Watch the whole play and after the play the Montreal players were high fiving each other after the facemask :thdn:

What exactly denotes intent to injure?
He actually graped the shoulder pad first!

Every knows you cant tackle a guy running full speed a head with one hand, he went for the head to stop him, watch the tape.

ya didnt answer the question!

Do you really think that 'Im gonna injure him! was waht was going through his mind at the time?

No...but much like high sticking penalties in the NHL...you should be in control of your abilities(stick) when making a tackle as well.

He was reckless in his action. A fine perhaps, but I don't foresee a suspension.

then there was no Intent was there?

Not being the offender...I can't say what his intent was, nor can you.

It may have been his intent (to injure). But at the MINIMUM, it was reckless.

I think they are kinda sexy. :smiley:

Thanks a lot Ron, I just about choked on my lunch :lol: