Facebook group in Support of new Stadium for Saskatchewan

Hey all, not sure if all CFL fans are aware of the fact that we here in Regina are on the verge of building a brand new multipurpose stadium with a retractble roof. Two separate studies have been completed and now the decision makers (namely the Province and city whom are strongly behind this whole proposal) are getting their ducks in a row and will be making a final decision before the end of spring and hopefully have the shovels in the groud by summer '11.. Anyways the media here in Sask pay close attention to facebook groups (for some reason) in order to get a pulse on public opinion. Right now my group in support of the stadium is a bit shy of 5,000 members and the anti-stadium group is less than a couple hundred. I am asking for your support in that you join this group and perhaps invite all your friends to join as well, we'd greatly appreciate it.

[url=http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&gid=39644763684]http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wal ... 9644763684[/url]

Also if any of you are interested in reading the study that was released earlier this month, here is the link. Lots of great pics of what the stadium will look like.

[url=http://www.cicorp.sk.ca/pubs/2010%20Stadium%20Feasibility%20Study.html]http://www.cicorp.sk.ca/pubs/2010%20Sta ... Study.html[/url]

The pot is being stirred in Winnipeg

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Regina-hasnt-eclipsed-us-yet--89830072.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 30072.html[/url]

lol man ive never heard of that freepress writer.

its true tho.. u guys, good luck for sure. trust me, it takes time to get these stadium deals done. i know u guys are all happy and excited and all that but so were we 10 years ago when we released our feasibility study also. IT TOOK 10 YEARS guys for us to finally get a new stadium at a university none the less. U guys are looking to go big, are u looking for federal money? if u are, ur gonna be waiting.. honestly i want your stadium to happen, i wish the feds seriously started giving places like sask and manitoba more money to do things.. big things, they gave us money for our pretty insanely looking human rights museum, seriously architectually its nicer than the regina stadium/convention center/casino/name it proposal there and thats pretty friggin sweet.

feds gave us 15 million for the stadium and that 15 million ISNT EVEN BEING USED FOR THE STADIUM, its being used for upgrades to some of the U of M bison facilities (track fields and the sorts)(gyms,fitness centers,the works) u know what im saying..

so if u want fed money, it wont happen. if u dont.. it will not look like what the original drawing looks like.. maybe similar but scaled back i think considerably, just thats alot of money but i hear rumors that this stadium will be attached to a convention center? or is that a casino? or maybe both? i dunno.. maybe theres more than 1 proposal.

just sayin. want u to get ur new stadium, just also saying.. dont hold your breath cuz u would certainly die waiting for it to happen in the next few months. it probably will happen just not for a while.

10 years guys since our feasability study came out, sure u got ur potash and all that stuff there but... not even potash will build a 50,000 seat stadium in a place that seriously has what? 300,000 people and im probably being generous there.

i hope it does. its beautiful, whichever one that is there with the funky roof that moves from 1 building to the next.. what is that exactly? ITS NICE... ITS SWEEEEEET looking.. id say the reason why it wont happen as is, is because well, places like manitoba and sask... maaan people dont give a crap about us because our votes dont matter. thats why the province and city of wpg is basically building our stadium, sure its a "loan" to david asper but c'mon..... he aiint paying for crap and they are building it starting in may.. like yeah..

hope u guys get it done, its a beautiful building... but which one is it? that u are talking of building? i think i see 2 different designs and im liking that native one better i think. prolly the one that wont happen?

If you had to choose between a new stadium and a Children's Hospital, which would you choose?

Just playing devil's advocate here.

Saskatchewan is the only province, aside from Prince Edward Island that doesn't have a Children's hospital.

Fundraising and awareness raising is going on for both right now, but I believe one is going to have to built before the other. :cowboy:

Stadium. they can always come to Edmonton's Ch hospital.

I got to agree with you Thryllin....we certainly need a Children's Hospital first.

Yeah, Mosaic is old.....but I've never had a bad day there. And I was there during the blackout, the rain-out and the occasional streaker.......

I love the place.....it's holds lots of memories.....hate the seating in the University section though, time for an upgrade...

It's nice to dream. $435M is a bundle, but if it can be paid for over 15-20 years I say go for it.

I don't think it's going to be a choice. A childrens hospital is badly needed, but it's not going to come down to one or the other, they are completely separate and the stadium will have no impact on the children's hospital getting built. The stadium would break even and bring in more revenue to the province and city, so it will get done.

I would really like to ask that question to the government of Saskatchewan, may I will send them an email . . .

I love Mosaic stadium. I have no problems watching football there for a hundred more years.

I don't see the need for a new stadium . . . Upgrade Mosaic if we must but a 400 million dollar stadium . . . Really?


that stadium is not acceptable.. and we'll never get another Grey Cup game if we don't change it.

you do want another GC game, don't you??

Hmmm . . . . Do I want another Grey Cup game?

Yes I do.

Fine Build the stadium . . .

. . . and while we're at it, let's build a Grocery store for the North Central Regina community.

Where was this said and by who?

Wazny used to work at Winnipeg’s “other” newspaper. He used to be the beat writer for the Manitoba Moose hockey team.

Bond issue by the province can pay for the stadium. I'm game for $500 or a G

Me, too. And I am out of province. It is the way to get Rider Nation international involved and reduce the burden on the locals ...

Money could be put to better use in my honest opinion. Will it bring in additional revenue into the city? Maybe. But I can guarentee you that I as a tax payer will flip the bill, and see very little benefit minus a concert here and there and a more comfortable place to sit at a Rider game. When it comes down to it, the revenue made off the stadium will end up in the pockets of the elites in Regina. North Central will still be lacking in resources such as adequate housing, and a grocery store. Our waiting lists will still be through the roof in our hospitals. But hey, at least people will have a comfortable place to sit at a Rider game.

Exactly. We don't need another stadium, we just want another stadium!

I say once the province, and the city has at least addresed some serious problems, then build a $450 million dollar stadium.

Facebook groups are a funny thing because in order to debate with the groups about whether or not you agree and why, you have to show support for them by joining. The group is all about getting big numbers and numbers do very little to address the real issues.