Face World Match - Who's Better Looking

Option 1

Option 2

Or this guy

  1. Option Two
  2. This Guy
  3. Option One


The new logo (Option 1) has grown on me to the point where I quite like it. Clean and simple. And, it integrates easily with Twitter avatar, CFL on TSN branding, etc. The only thing I would add to it is a bold black outline.

At first I thought it was a Simpsons logo (option 1) for the CFL . I went whaaat .

But now it has grown on me as well and it suits the league .

The third option is also simple and I liked it growing up .

The current logo looks like they ran out of ink when they designed it.
Part of a football, part of a maple leaf.
Refill the ink cartridge on the printer and finish the logo!

Well, at least they're all better than the AoAF logo, which looks like a football wearing a leotard.

I by far prefer the current (option 1) logo. It is more contemporary, FAR easier to identify on TV, is more compact, is about football, not nationalism, yet doesn't ignore its roots, and is unique. I think it's the best logo the league has ever had.

Well said rpaege.

immo None of them would vie for a gold medal in Graphic Design competitions.

2 for me, 1 and 3 look like their from the 70's

  1. looks like Pacman's cousin
  2. looks like a childs lawn dart toy
  3. Yes, to incorporating the football helmet.

The "exploding leaf" logo (#2) is one of the worst logos I've ever seen. It's just bad. Yech.

#1 is a good contemporary logo; #3 has some fun retro appeal but having that as your logo in 2018 would make you look seriously behind on the times.

#1 is plain bad. Someone forgot to finish coloring the art work

#2 is okay

#3 well never want to see it again.

I see you omitted the league's original logo, as seen in rpaege's banner, from your poll. Not sure what the idea there was. So much colour. Must have been expensive to include on league letterhead.

That's not a logo--it's a Christmas tree.

And was this actually a thing during the US expansion fiasco?

Love it. Could someone help update. Canada flag chance to red. On the flag remove the leaf veins. Then install in green the Marijuana symbol. We then have diversity and strength plus weed.

how about a maple leaf and a beaver playing catch with a football marked cfl.

I work at a place that cranks out logos, and option 2 is the only one that wouldn't get one of our designers teased relentlessly by all of their fellow designers.