Face of the franchise......

Just wondering with MD's knee done in probably for the last time was wondering who would be next in line for the face of the franchise?

Gotta be Wes Cates.

I agree is gonna be Wes Cates

hard to dispute

MD says he is coming back, don't be to quick to write him off. Then probably Cates as he seems to do interviews and speak for the team.

As a huge MD fan i would love to see him come back but after what Dickenson is going through u have to ask yourself when is enough enough. This is Knee injury number 3....if he can come back and not risk his long term well being awesome if not i think its time for him to move on.

As for wes cates i fully agree, was thinking andy fantuz but doesnt really have the personality to carry that title.

Other suggestions i have are: Durant or in the future MacKenzie

New face of the team? How about the team doctor? j/k

Gotta be Cates. Maybe Scott Schultz?

even if Matt comes back hes never going to be a star again.

I agree. It was unfortunate how soon he was re-injured after returning from the last one. That suggests to me he either came back too quick, or the knee just won't ever support that kind of punishment.

Actually, I believe it's surgery number four...if I recall correctly, he had one in college, and three (including this one) with the Riders...can someone clarify?

Yes they said four today on the radio

You guys dont think Mo Lloyd is a possibility of being the face of the Riders?

Face of the franchise.. Glen January..LOL

...dude looks like he could be an adult movie star...

Er, at least I've been told that's what some look like...

Ron Jeromy, as, Glenn January, in, I Love em Green and White....Boom chicka wow wow....

I think Flick (seems to like it here and is a pretty good guy from what I gather)/Lloyd(seems to like playing here and interveiws pretty well)/Shultz(already sort of is)/Durant (once finally given the reigns, god I hope it happens once we start getting healthy)

Wes Cates and Scott Schultz.

I would love at see Matt come back. Especially come back and have a great year. Although I don't think its going to happen. Future could be coaching.

My guess, or vote, would be Fantuz.

How about DJ Flick