Face of Franchise?

Who do you guys think the face of the Franchise is as of right now?

Personally I always thought it'd be easy once Milt was gone it'd be Roberts, but there both gone so I was asked who i thought it would be and couldn't pick 1 certain player.

The players i tossed out there however were: Doug Brown, Barrin Simpson possibly Fred Reid* but he hasn't really developed into an elite star yet so he has an asterik (sp) by his name

The face of your franchise, for better or worse, is Mike Kelly. He won't have it any other way, no one else is apparently allowed to talk to the press.

Perfect,the country club atmosphere has come to an end. Back to old School football. Kelly even mentioned Cal Murphy's name a couple of weeks ago. When asked about what kind of identity, he wants the Bombers to create.

Mike Kelly :thup:

...definitely new and ever-changing......now if we can only get rid of that 'dump' of a facility.....might as well make the change complete.. :wink:

Cant say its looking too good for the bombers.Take a look at your roster and its not a pretty picture.

....I don't know what roster you;re looking at or comparing us to...what i see is the nucleus of a very good team....Let's see

Joe Smith and Fred Ried...could be the best tandem running attack in the league
Brown,,,Simpson ...Lobendahn....as good as anyones linebacking in the league
Sideeq Shabazz...this guy will be in the awards circle in 09...
Johnson and Walls on the d ends....watch out for your qb....heh heh...
Amos, Johnson&Johnson ,Malveaux....Ike Charlton....excellent ballers
Edwards,Armstrong,Franklyn,Brock,Bryant.......not too shabby of a receiving corps
and i didn't even mention the new additions........

looks pretty good to me...See you in the play-offs..... :lol: :lol:

:D i hope your right papa.

As for the new face of the franchise, Id have to say it would be Doug Brown. He's been here a long time, is a hard-nosed player and many, many fans love the guy.

Oh you forgot. We have the proven QB Lafors

...Ive seen some pretty good qbs. ,start in this league, with less experience and up-side than LeFors....that doesn't wash dog....
With the cast, Stefan has to work with .. I wouldn't be too upset... :wink: