Face it, Hamiltonians are in love with Timmy Chang!!

In my first article of the ‘new season’ I thought I would delve into the fever spreading across football fans in the city. Someone I like to refer to as, the ‘Timmy Chang Phenomenon’.

Let’s face it…all facts, stats, and achievements aside, Timmy Chang has a ‘big play’ excitement about him. He is fun to watch! I honestly haven’t been able to say that about a CFL quarterback since the Flutie and early Damon Allen days.

Timmy Chang is quick, mobile, and fires the ball out of the pocket like a gunslinger. I watched this guy in Philadelphia training camp and preseason games in 2006 and I gotta tell you i’m surprised they let him go.

As I sat in the stands of Ivor Wynne for Friday’s preseason game, I heard people chanting, “timmaychanga…timmaychanga…” which turned into screams of approval once he actually trotted onto the field. Not bad for a guy that hasn’t even spoken to the media. So the question remains, what is it that this city Loves about Timmy Chang?

For some obscure reason, this city (at least in my memory) is ALWAYS in love with the backup QB. Heck - some people evan hailed Marcus Brady as the second-coming...

I had a timmychanga at Mexicali Rosa's the other day. It was delicious.

You must hnave been mistaken. People were hungry and we asking for Chimichangas.

Aw c'mon....
Isn't this just a teensy-weensy bit overstated?

Eakin got huge praise after his big game. The same has happened with many young QB's over the years.

Chang came with a little hoopla because of his US resume but most of us who have been watching the team for years say, "Hmm, looks good so far, let's see if it can build into something good that will last."

There's certainly a group that has a love on for Tim but the reason for this escapes me at this point.

He looks pretty decent so far and I like that; I sure do. Give the kid a chance to grow before annointing him the next coming of ----- ------ (insert name of revered QB here).

LOL. Yes they are (and yes they did).

People !! Take off the rosecoloured glasses. I hope the Ticats have a successful season. But lets not put them or any individual player on a pedestal just yet.

As I sat in the stands of Ivor Wynne for Friday's preseason game, I heard people chanting, "timmaychanga....timmaychanga....." which turned into screams of approval once he actually trotted onto the field. [b]Not bad for a guy that hasn't even spoken to the media. [/b]So the question remains, what is it that this city Loves about Timmy Chang?
Help me understand this one... he HAS spoken to the media... TSN even did a profile on him last week.

I think that Argosstink has a valid point.
Coach Mathews once said that he did not believe in magic, until he met Flutie.

There is a certain buzz and flair when Chang comes in the game.
The fans and offensive players seem like they get a lift when Chang is in the game.

I used to notice a similar feel wit Hobart back in the day.
You knew that something exciting was about to happen.


We'll see when defenses start playing the chess game with a recipe of: 1/4 zone of this; 1/4 man to man of that; mix in a bit of stunts on this side; with a pinch of disguised defenses on that side etc.

He'll then find out he isn't playing agains't some 19 year old defensive backs and lb's right out of high school. He has the physical attributes, now does he have the rest of the package? Hopefully he'll remain on the sidelines most of the year as this means Jason is having a good year.

Timmy Chang is the man...

man for the bench hopefully.

I hope most of Chang's action comes in the 4th quarter when we're beating the crap out of teams.
But that may be wishful thinking.

Yes JFL!

Some analysis of him on the web from NFL.com:

"Chang is a lean, but athletic passer with a very quick release. He is at his best in the underneath passing game, but needs to do a better job of setting his feet. He operates mostly out of the shotgun and has inconsistent mechanics and rarely employs the same throwing motion. Chang has the ability to recognize coverages, but is a marginal progression reader who carries the ball too low when on the move and this effects his accuracy. When he sets his feet in the pocket, he throws a tight spiral with good velocity. But when he tries to throw on the rollout, his balls sail or skip to the receiver. … He has the speed and balance to avoid the pass rush and buy time and will step up in the pocket, but will get a little antsy and not let the routes finish before putting the ball away and running with it. He has adequate arm strength to throw deep, but routinely makes his receivers adjust downfield. Chang plays with poise, but will flush too early and spends too much time locking on to his primary target rather than scan the field. He has a quick flick to release the ball, but his delivery and touch are erratic. Too often, Chang will force the ball into traffic, as he rarely seems to check down. While his release is quick, he just seems to lack solid throwing techniques (will release from the hips too much). … Because he is under constant pressure, he does not spend much time reading the defenses and can be fooled by disguised coverages. When this happens, he tries to rely on his foot speed and will either roll out and throw the ball up for grabs or leave the pocket too early and try to run with the ball. Timmy has good timed speed and shows athleticism running with the ball. He does a good job of securing the ball before running from pressure, but shows marginal accuracy throwing on the move. … Maturity issues arose in the past and he has been benched several times for ineffective play. He is a decent worker, but lacks the leadership skills and seems to shy away from the spotlight. He does not have great command in the huddle, and while he can throw the ball deep, lacks accuracy and touch. He will elude pressure with his lateral slide, but does not square his shoulders consistently to throw on the run. His frame might not be strong enough to withstand punishment at the NFL level, but he has little room to add more bulk. … Operating out of the shotgun, it is difficult to see if he has the foot quickness to drive away from center to get to his set point. In limited chances to see him line up under center, he looks like he drifts in the pocket. He might be better suited playing north of the border in Canada or in the Arena League. Chang could stick as a backup in the NFL, but he would have to operate in a West Coast offense, so not to expose his accuracy problems with the deep ball."


You could replace Chang with Flutie in Doug’s early days. If he turns out to be anything near as good as Flutie was, the Cats are set at QB for the next 5-6 years. I’ve been a Chang fan since his sophmore year at Hawaii when I thought he’d be a good fit with the CFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

If some NFL Dose give another shot in his option year.. Face it he may want Try at the No Fun League 1 more time

I like Timmy alot But Jason is the Man in Steeltown till Coach Taaffe Saids other wise

Perhaps it's me but that seems very poorly written to be on NFL.com

This guys going to be the next Ken Hobart - the fans favourite. I predict that every game the guys in Box J and I will be chanting for Chang. Every bad pass by Maas will be booed and the chant for Changa will begin.

Just to reply to the people that stated that Hamiltonians always cheer for their backups. Sure, and I think it's a shame that our starters have sucked as badly as they did in the past. But, I never liked Eakin, or whoever......none of them had a buzz around them like Mr. Chang!