face guarding

what is face guarding, obviously the rules the refs have in their little book must be smugged.The no call with just over two min left in the third to Bagg in the Als end zone was definite face guard.

Definately should have been called along with many other missed calls. But even with the shoddy officiating the Riders still should have won the game. What really made me mad was the penalty by Cates and the 1 Hughes took on the punt. Those were bad penalties that turned the outcome of the game.

The Cates penalty should have been offset by a Montreal penalty for what transpired in the pile. Montreal was playing extremely chippy tonight and got away with a lot of crap that should have warranted a penalties. What about the head shot on Durant when Montreal got the safety = it tore his helmet off - he's the QB for crying out loud. I think the refs stole one from us this time. The Maypray TD should have been called back due to several illegal blocks. But give our guys credit - despite the reffing we came very close to winning.

I agree that the Cates penalty should have been offset by a Montreal penalty for what transpired in the pile. However, that being said, despite the penalty it was still a makeable field goal, and the return shouldn't have happened anyway. I thought initially that Durant got a head shot on the safety as well, but looking at the replay, he ducked, and IMO, the proper non-call was made.

If we play like we did in the 2nd half, we'll get 'em next time.

They almost never off set penalties like Cates and Cates is a vet and should know better. If he had only hit the Als defender once he likely would have got away with it, it was the 2nd and 3rd shots that earned him a penalty and the very next play Montreal gets 7 instead of what should have been an easy 3. In the grand scheme of things that was a very important play.

The DB did look back towards the ball before contact was made. Would have been nice to get the call, but it didn't happen.

Eric Wilson has been known to play on the edge. It won't surprize me if someone does "Give him the business" so he'll be singing a few notes higher in church on Sunday.

Don’t know which feed you were watching but nothing on TSN’s feed showed any indication of a look back.


The look back wasn't exorbant, but is was evident.

It's non existent. Trust me @ 60 frames per second there is not one frame of TSN video that shows any remote kind of look back. It simply isn't there. His face not once deviates from the back of Baggs.

I gotta side with deanjo on this one...

Hmmm when I used to play hockey I painted eyes on the back of my helmet :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that the kind of look back we're talking about here :thdn: cause I don't see it either. Oh well nobody's perfect.