Face Facts. CFL Will Never Get Respect in Southern Ontario

...lol...haven't read the announcement section I guess....

Look berezin, I'm from London and yes, I made all sorts of jokes about Hamilton when I lived in London ie. dirty lunch bucket steel town, etc. But I've lived here since 1986 and Hamilton has London beat a million times over. And including IWS, have you ever been to a game there? Very close to the action and great sight lines. Sure bench seats mostly but then so does Lambeau as I've mentioned. The stadium, while old, is not crumbling to bits. Yes, it will need upgrades but then so did the Rogers Centre and it was built in the late 80's, not all that long ago.

Would I love a new stadium in Hamilton for the Cats? Yes, I am one that would for a number of reasons but most of those reasons have nothing to do with IWS not being a currently great place to watch a football game at.

You ain't Bob Young are you?

haha. Hey, I can understand and appreciate your frustration with a few things like London not having a team and wanting the CFL to get more recognition etc. And when we get frustrated, I know myself, we can lash out at people and things, this is part of human nature. I know where you are coming from I think and I know you love the CFL and that's what really matters.

no, he is Robert Young.

...he is young Robert Young...not the old one...

I wish FYB. Isn't he dead though?

...he is young Robert Young...not the dead one...

darn you guys, I wanted to mess with b99 head and let him try to think it out, grrrr :x :lol:

The bottom line is somebody for some reason censored my post and I don't know for what reason?
I mean the stuff I write isn't close to the smear job you read in the papers.

Maybe the guys censoring me should worry more about the negative image the national media in Toronto gives the CFL instead of a post in a bloody forum.


Nobody should dis any owner past /current or future. They have all taken a shot at the CFL and even the worst of the worst have tried their best and spent their money.

Click me berezin99

That's great, but it doesn't explain why berezin was censored. :wink:

good god almighty, do you have any brain cells at all? Everybody but you knows what happened and even after people try to point you to the explaination, you still dont get it. How dense can a person be???

Your smear job is pretty much the same as whats in the paper. You just have a different target.

Geez, guys...I leave for a day and you all censor berezin99...good show! I mean...shame on you...


Did I miss something?

Nope, but berezin did...

Oh. I found the announcements section.
Didn't know what you were talking about.
Oh well. Never mind.