Fabulous! Our Lions did what they needed to do. The Rough Riders are in a slump and have managed to put together a string of losses that must be giving the coaching staff a bad case of hemorrhoids. What a way to go into the playoffs. Saskatchewan has one more chance to get its house in order before the semi-western final. They will be gunning for Edmonton, especially if the Lions lose earlier in the day against Hamilton next week cause they know they'll be meeting Edmonton in the semi-final. The Roughies need to prove to themselves that they are superior to Edmonton. Now, should the Lions win I still link the Roughies will be trying to dismantle Edmonton to shake of that string of losses they've garnered.

Personally I think we're looking at a whole new B.C. Lions team. They're playing with attitude. They know they can beat the best! Lulay is looking better every game he starts and brings incredible spirit and energy to the team. The O linesmen are finally getting their act together and are giving the protection the QB needs. Hunter is back!

The Rough Riders didn't lose because they're in a slump. They lost today because the Lions played them stride for stride and beat them at their own game. They Lions are peaking. You gotta know the Lions have turned things around. They are peaking at just the right time. BUT........................... they MUST count on the Eskies losing their final game. An Edmonton/Sask tie would still help the Lions. If the Esks lose then the Lions could squeak in with a tie against the Ti-Cats if placed in that position.

Next Saturday is going to be a mega day for CFL football provided the Lions win their game. This will put the onus squarely on the Esks to win their game as well. A Lions win and all of my afternoon plans will be cancelled as I sit at home glued to the idiot box watching the Esks/Roughies game. I will be wearing a green melon head and Durant's jersey as I cheer on the Rough Riders. If they win, they will my heroes until the day of reckoning in Regina when our Lions meet them in the Semi-final.

This is IF......that's IF......the Lions pull off a win in Hamilton. I think they will. They're a much improved team!

The Lions did roar over the Riders - Great Game

I doubt Sask wants to play the Lions. I'd be surprised if they don't take a dive vs Edmonton.

I Doubt Sask wants to play either the Lions or EDMONTON in the playoffs by the way they been playing the last 4 weeks. And the fact that Ricky is injured i'll be surprised that Sask would take a dive.

It's always a coaching challenge when a team has made the playoffs and there's just a game or two left with nothing on the line. You don't want your guys getting injured but you're obliged to give the paying customer good value for entertainment.
Also you have a reputation to maintain. It would be unprofessional and unethical to play at "half speed", deliberately drop a pass,fumble the ball, throw an interception or take stupid penalties to give the opposition the advantage in hopes of determining the outcome so a team could face who they prefer in the semi-final. Has it been done? Who knows? But is it unethical to play your 2nd and 3rd string players to spare your best for the playoffs? Or....is it just a logical smart strategic move? How often have we seen the 2rd stringer come in late in the 4th quarter when the game is in the bag?

[Although I must admit the Lions rarely have that luxury because the game is rarely "in the bag" even with a 21 point lead going into the 4th quarter!]

Does the Saskatchewan coaching staff have a preference between B.C. and Edmonton? If I were the head coach of Saskatchewan and had a choice I would choose Edmonton, especially if there's a chance their number one QB won't start or won't be at full strength.

But does this mean Saskatchewan will "allow" Edmonton the win resulting in eliminating B.C.? I don't know. But Saskatchewan certainly is in a position to do just that should the Lions win earlier in the day against Hamilton. I don't think they will do that though.

Saskatchewan has more on the line next week than we perhaps realize. First off Saskatchewan needs to get that monkey off its back. They've lost 4 straight games with only a single game remaining. That's bad enough but a 5th straight loss on the eve of the playoffs and it means trying to fix the problem during the semi. This is hardly what the coaches want to face going into post-season play.

I figure Saskatchewan will be focused on trying to get on track and trying to get the old mojo back by returning to their winning ways otherwise the old psyche starts playing havoc. Also, should the Lions lose then Saskatchewan faces Edmonton regardless. What better way than to give the Esks a good pasting and something to think about before the semi if that should happen? And remember, the final game of the season for Saskatchewan is in Regina.

I totally agree with you Beagle, If the lions do win and still lose out of the playoffs then they only have themselfs to blame.Up until the Winnipeg game they had control of their own destiny, And now they have to rely on other help to get in like last year. Maybe the football Gods will be smiling on the Lions one more time.

I thought it was pretty close to being the best first half I've seen them play all year. I was disappointed in their 2nd half play. Lulay seemed to retreat more into his "fear of interception" stance; and yet when it was critical, he pulled it out.
The O line has come a long way; the rookies are starting to gel. It's good to see.
I assume Edmonton's game is played prior to BC's next weekend(?). Time to cheer on the Riders! However I can't help but think that they will rest Durant for at least the 2nd half; they can't risk an injury going into the playoffs. Even if Edmonton wins next week, I hope the Lions play their heart out against Hamilton. It would be nice to see Robertson and Arcenaux finish with 1,000 + yeards; they're not far off. It would also be nice if they let Jarious play some of the game as well - 2nd half or 3rd quarter; I think he's earned it.
It does make one wonder though - what willl happen during the off-seaosn if Lions don't make the playoffs, I won't start to speculate anything along those lines unless that in fact happens.
On another note: I was also happy to see Saints smack the Steelers Sunday night. Drew Brees is such a tactician.

Nope. Lions meet Hamilton before the Edmonton/Sask game.

B.C. @ Hamilton is an 11:00AM [PST] start time.
Edmonton in Sask is a 4:00PM [PST] start time.

If B.C. loses then there will no incentive whatsoever for me to hang around to watch the Edmonton/Sask game. A tie or a win and I'll be glued to the TV!

I would be shocked if they didn't play at 100% against Edm. regardless of who they would rather or rather not play in the West semi. It would not be smart of them to lay off and let themselves be on a 5 game losing streak heading in to the playoffs. A win to generate some momentum is far more important for them at this point in time than trying to set up their preferencial match up for the West semi.