Fabulous game Hamilton and B.C.

Thank you teams for an absolutely fabulous game. Both teams played great and both deserved a shot at Montreal! Well done to both teams!! :rockin:

I was hoping for an exciting game but I'm not big on nail biters. The old ticker can't take it. I must admit that winning overtime was extra sweet!

yeeeeeee boy! GO LIONS GO!

Well Done, BC. Congratulations. Go Lions Go! :thup:

thanks man!

For god's sake...will someone please explain to me why a 'prevent' defence gets put in play when the D has held well all game...good lord, my heart cant take that....but great finish!! Bring on the Als!!!!...Hamilton, your best days are ahead of you....great finish and a lot of heart...a shame that someone had to lose that game. In this case, from my standpoint though, thank you for letting the good guys win!!!

Great comeback by Ticats but didn't surprise me when the Lions are trying to prevent it. I was on edge even when B.C. was ahead by 11. Shows ya anything can happen in the CFL as long as you can make the playoffs. Now a tough test against Montreal.

Good season by the Ticats and hopefully carry it into next season. Good coach and good players.