Fabion Foote

Digging a little I'm really liking what I'm reading about his work ethics. The Wayne Moore connection is really interesting and having your best friend on the same pro roster might make their adaptation a little easier.

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And finally some great news about Wayne Moore and his rehab.

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With the NFL signing our best to free agent contracts I believe Fabion Foote was a good choice. Have to hand it to the team for trying to move up the draft. It's unfortunate that the NFL gives free agency to our best players but, the salaries to our rookies give them at least a possible dream. On a positive note I am pleased that the CFL preseason activities have started. I'm anticipating those Summer double headers that begin around July 1.

Dans les circonstances, je suis content de cette sélection. Les Alouettes ont opté pour un joueur qui pourrait contribuer peut-être dès l'an prochain.

We have six quality guys on the dline. It will be really interesting to see how we fit them all assuming we come out of camp with all of them healthy but I like the depth.


Je ne suis toujours pas convaincu qu'Oramasionwu va demeurer dans l'équipe. Il a eu beaucoup d'opportunités à Edmonton et n'a pu conserver sa place lorsqu'il est devenu partant. Il a eu son lot de blessures également. Pour un jeune comme Foote, c'est une occasion à saisir. Mais lorsque je regarde ce contingent de joueurs de ligne défensive, je trouve que c'est un noyau bien garni, peu importe la nationalité.

I know there was talk in in Edmonton of him retiring.

Adding a shorter Defensive linesman when some teams are getting real tall on the oline may be very useful for Thorpe. Not sure some of these guys will enjoy having a guy like Foote crash their hips.