FA: Tucker and Gass

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything concerning whether or not free agents Jason Tucker and A.J. Gass are close to signing, or if they're even interested in re-signing with the esks(I'd assume they are).

I haven't heard anything about ethier one but i really really hope they resign Tucker. I'd miss this guy so much and he means tons to the Esks and really he's the other half of the reason we won so many tight games but mainly the Grey Cup.

Agreed, I hope re-signing Tucker is the esks #1 priority right now, especially since free agency starts next month.

Rumour has it that he is looking at signing with the Lions. But like I said it is only a rumour and we all know how much truth is in a rumour

I"ve heard that rumour about Tucker possibly going to BC, but it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would he want to go there, they already have an established receiving corps there, Simon is their main man. From BC’s viewpoint, they should be spending money to improve that porous offensive line rather than paying big bucks for a guy that, good as he is, isn’t what they need.

can we aford him now with the new S.C in place. We are over it by about a million, are we not? Were can we get the room?

it will be interesting to see.....if the eskies can resign everyone...